Saturday, November 15, 2014

Kinder Morgan v. The Citizen Protestors Of Burnaby...Was That A Threat?


Why yes, I believe it was.

Specifically, here is Scott Stoness vice president of 'regulatory' for Kinder Morgan's northern branch plant division (i.e. 'Canada'), according to a report by the BNow's Jennifer Moreau in the wake of yesterday's court injunction:

...Stoness also said Kinder Morgan has no intention of pursuing the millions in damages in the civil suit, provided the company can complete its work...


Now I get it.

We'll conflate free speech with on-the-ground-protests to make sure you do what we say or we'll make you pay.


Aren't you glad the good Mr. Gordon Campbell's Public Utility Commission wouldn't hold public hearings when he passed the legislation that made it possible to start selling off our pipelines to the former friends and associates of Kenny Boy Lay and the Bush Rangers, etcetera?



Anonymous said...

RossK could you tweak the last link in this Post eg. which goes to link "SEE 12"

no link to the Mother Jones link that you are requesting that we take a look at

Anonymous said...

Yes. It is rather a pizz off.

Such as? Obama refuses to approve the Keystone. However, Obama says nothing regarding the evil Kinder Morgan from Texas, forcing the dirty Bitumen into BC. Kinder Morgan has even more and worse pipeline bursts than Enbridge and just as useless at cleaning up their spills. People have died at the hands of Kinder Morgan.

The Vancouver Observer has been muzzled. They now don't permit comments as, BC people despise Kinder Morgan. The Vancouver Observer knuckled under, gutless and spineless.

Dr. Evil told Kinder Morgan to come in and start their, threats, bullying and behaving as Hitler and his henchmen.

RossK said...


Please note that the post I'm linking back to was written almost 10 years ago...Thus links to commercial stories within such posts unlike, say, those of bloggers, are often gone, hidden, or paywalled.

If you want a little more context on what Mr. Campbell and his lackeys and lickspittles were up to back in the middle years of the 'Golden Era', please see...



Grant G said...

Here is a broad overview of the BC Rail theft...


e.a.f. said...

law suites like Kinder Morgan├Ęs only work when people have assets. You just make sure the main protesters have nothing which can be attached. then and if they sue, you just declare bankruptcy and you owe them nothing.

slap suites have worked well for corporations in the u.s.a. because people had assets to loose, but if your house is not in your name, its all over very quickly if you know how to file bankruptcy in b.c. In the end Kinder Morgan would be suing people who have nothing.