Friday, June 01, 2018

BCPoli's Big Reveal Of 2018.



I know that a lot of very big, and often very good (but not always), things went down in our fine legislature over the last four months.

But the following, as detailed in a VSun piece by Harrison Mooney, while not all that important in the big scheme of things is fantastic just the same:

In April of 201(8?), the Twitter account @bcpoliportraits appeared. It featured a steady stream of crudely drawn likenesses of the politicians and journalists who frequent the legislature — from Premier John Horgan to Postmedia’s Mike Smyth and Vaughn Palmer. And of course, Keith Baldrey, a frequent target of @bcpoliportraits. The Global TV political journalist has been drawn 12 times.

All anyone knew was that the portraitist had to be an insider, as the sketches also included clerks and security guards stationed in areas off-limits to the public. Pressed for an identity by Postmedia recently, the artist responded with a sketch of a ghost.

She’s not a ghost. Her name is ZoĆ© Duhaime. The 23-year-old is a recent University of Victoria graduate, and was part of the B.C. legislative internship program, which wrapped up Thursday with the end of the spring sitting.

Duhaime said she began the account “100 per cent for the fun and delight of it.”...

(number in bracket, above, mine)


How can you not like something as whimsical and completely non-partisan as that?

As for the Keef obsession?


I can relate to that.

Sort of.

Regarding legislative goings on that really matter for all British Columbians... David Moscrop, who I've come to regard as a proMedia(ish) honest broker, has a good piece in Macleans on our electoral reform-a-palooza....Here.



Lew said...

Re the MacLeans piece:

Mr. Moscrop says, “During a high-stakes campaign like this one, it’s tempting to reach for cynical, partisan, or self-interested criticisms of the democratic process to try to bolster your chances of winning; it’s tempting to cry foul, to scream about a ‘rigged’ game, to distort reality to fit a preconceived strategic narrative. But you shouldn’t give in to those impulses. To do so is cheap, lazy, short-sighted, and contrary to the spirit of democracy.”

BC Liberal leader Andy Wilkinson says, "We have an immediate threat. The NDP wants to undermine our democracy with their rigged referendum on proportional representation.”

It’s almost as if Mr. Moscrop is talking about Andy.

RossK said...


Maybe even a little more than almost.


Anonymous said...

Andy do you remember a while back when your leader got in bed with Steven Harper and they gave birth to the HST. Your party is so two faced . How can we trust any thing that comes out of your mouth. I tend to believe the NDP. You are looking for a cushy job like el Gordo. God help us if Lieing Liberals ever get into power again.

e.a.f. said...

OMG, some one hire the kid, who wrote that. Its a good article. Plan and simple and explains everything, more or less. thank you for the link.

Lets hope some newspapers in B.C. reprint the article.