Friday, September 17, 2004

The Resurrection Starts Now

49°16' North; 122°50' West
(with apologies to Steve Earle)

The corpse is not even in the ground yet and already the political resurrection of Christy Clark has begun.

And just to prove Rafe Mair's point once again, the trumpeting of this 'Miracle from PoMo' is coming from the CCM (that's the Central Canadian Media, not the hockey equipment manufacturer).

Here's a good example of the hagiography in the making from Mark Hume in the Globe and Pale:

"Christy Clark, a rising political star who was seen as a standard bearer for working women, pondered her career this week and decided to end it in favour of her family."

A standard bearer for working women?

Give me a break.

This is the same sharp-eyed young politico that helped force working women back into the home by blowing up subsidies for daycare while at the same time making sure she got hers at the legislature.

In my books that's a classic example of 'I'm alright Jackette, so screw you'.

And as for her concern for Children and Families, don't forget that it was Ms. Clark that acted as the 'Fixer in Name Only' after CareNet, Doug Walls and Gordon Hogg completely destroyed that Ministry by cutting off funding for almost all small non-profits that actually help children and families.

A fine and worthy resurrectee indeed.

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