Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I Need a Slushie!

Vancouver, British Columbia

The Atlanta Thrashers inaugural play-by-play broadcaster, Scott Ferrall, was actually a shock jocker who loved to scream "I need a Freshie, I Need a Freshie!" on those (very) rare occasions the very crappy team he was shilling for scored.

And now it appears that our own Gordon Campbell has taken up a similar, albeit slightly twisted version, of the same cry whenever cause and effect pops up and threatens to expose his pitiful performance as a protector of the public trust for what it really is.

And we're betting Gordo's next call for the Slush Fund will come because of this:

VICTORIA (CP) --......A news release also issued Tuesday by the three former child advocates said "the public trust in the child protection system is at stake.".......

(Premier) Campbell was travelling in Ontario, where he was meeting with Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, and was not available for comment.

The letter said budget cuts by the provincial government severely restrict public accountability and awareness in the child protection system.

The Ministry of Children and Family Development budget was cut to $537.4 million this year from $621.6 million in 2001, when the Liberals were first elected.....

So, only question now is......Will that be a grape or cherry flavored slushie that will be used to goo this one up one for the required 68 days?

Update: Looks like this one is getting traction. The not-so-Giant 98 ran with the story on it's major news @ 10pm this evening.
DoubleSecretProbationUpdate: Rick Barnes figures the local media conglomerate may be helping Mr. Campbell save a little Slush (fund cash) by tossing this story in the deep freeze (see comments).

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