Thursday, June 30, 2005



And we're not talking about Larry Campbell.

After all, we are pretty darned sure we know very well why he called it quits.

And it had nothing to do with his health, Walmart, the RAV line, never ending somnolence-inducing 300 page staff reports, or even the infighting amongst the Classics and the Lights that he had to Cope with every darned day of the week.

Instead, word on the street, and the fantasy island version of Stephen Quinn's wildest dreams, has it that Mr. Campbell apparently just couldn't stand the thought of another three years of being interviewed by Rick Cluff.


But what we really want to know this morning is the following......

Why were the drug charges against David Basi stayed?

And why was this done in secret?

Last week.

The CBC has nothing. Mickleburg has nothing.

Heck, even Holman has nothing (yet).

Update: OK, OK, OK - looks like that ink-stained wretch Mr. Holman took the day off from the Basi File so that he could do some real digging on into our Larry's big 'W'. And he's got good stuff here (especially the part about Campbell trying to enlist his 'friends' to support Mr. Green).


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