Friday, August 18, 2006

Capitulation For A Softwood Nation


First David Emerson thumbed his nose at his faux constituency (ie. the voters of Vancouver Kingsway).

But now, in a final demented attempt to push through his so-called 'deal', Mr. Emerson has decided to screw his real constituency (ie. the lumber companies).

Canadian Trade Minister David Emerson, facing growing opposition from lumber firms, is no longer requiring that 95 percent of the industry back the accord. Instead, he's only seeking "substantial" support, said the people, who spoke on condition their names not be used.

"Whatever percentage of industry buys into it, they'll call it a deal," said Bill Reedy, president of Gorman Bros. Ltd., a Westbank, B.C.-based wood boards maker.

By lowering his demands for industry backing, Emerson increases his chances of getting the deal in place. The proposed accord, reached July 1, would allow Canadian firms such as Canfor Corp. to recover about $4.3 billion in duties and end a dispute between the world's two largest trade partners.

Of course, folks who have been paying attention can't help but wonder what percentage 'substantial' is?

But not to worry, Mr. Emerson's former patron and present pension paymaster, Canfor, is solidly behind the deal.


And from the 'I was blind, but now I see' department, I now see the folly of my previous post. Clearly, I was delusionally euphoric and/or suffering from a case of severe case of Oregon coast-induced waterheadedness when I trumpeted Mr. Campbell's pre-Capitulation Insite diversion. Thanks to scout and Mary for shaking some sense into me in the comments. Finally, I can't help but think that we may be seeing the fullest impact of the ghost of John Turner on this one (ie. 'When the economic levers go......').


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