Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Will We Ever Be Tough Enough?


In case you missed it, the streets of Vancouver are running with blood.

And most of the time it would appear to be gang members shooting, and often killing each other, or their loved ones, with guns.

Occasionally, it's even worse than that when a totally innocent bystander is involved.

But, regardless, it's always tragic.

And scary.

So what to do?

Why, get tough of course.

In fact, the bleating from the worst elements of the uber-sensationalistic pro-media maw and their co-dependents, the law-and-order types, has already begun.

Which means more cops.... and more sting operations....and more tough laws.... and more really hard, punitive sentences .....and all that stuff.

Which is hard to argue against at the moment.


Will maximum lawman tough ever be tough enough to stop this senselessness?

Personally, I don't think so.

I mean, if that kind of thing did work, on its own, wouldn't our good friends to the south have stomped out gang violence, especially drug money-fueled gang violence (which is, apparently, the virulent strain of the evil thing that has erupted in Vancouver recently), be gone for good by now in the Excited States?



Maybe the time has come, once again, to seriously ask ourselves the following question:

What if there was no money in it?

The drug-fueled gang violence I mean.

(if you get my drift)


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