Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Maybe It Should Be Re-Named 'Not' Elections BC.


Given the stand of the mayors of both Vancouver and Burnaby it would seem to me that all that pipeline expansion stuff is clearly and squarely an issue in the upcoming municipal elections.

Which means that, given the focus of their current advertising blitzkrieg, Kinder Morgan should have to register with Elections BC as third-party advertisers, right?


The CP had the story recently:

...Jodi Cook, Elections BC manager of provincial electoral finance, said in a letter (to Burnaby MP Kennedy Stewart) that Kinder Morgan's advertising doesn't meet the definition of election advertising.

"Therefore, there is no requirement for Kinder Morgan to register as an advertising sponsor at this time," the letter states...



With this ruling Kinder Morgan will not have to disclose how much it is spending to try and influence our pre-election opinions.


Meanwhile, of course, the federal NEB has granted Kinder Morgan trampling rights in the Burnaby Mountain conservation area...



North Van's Grumps said...

On the other hand the Party(s) will have to declared their take from the Kinder Morgan(s), eh

Anonymous said...

This entire country is a cesspool of corruption. BC is the most corrupt province in Canada.

The evil began way back, in Gordon Campbell's reign of terror in BC. Harper and Campbell worked very hard, to dismantle and destroy BC. Christy Clark is just another Campbell in a skirt. She is merely Harper's mouthpiece.

Lies, deceit, thefts, corruption, dirty politics, dirty tactics and cheating to win, are the norm in this country and especially in BC.

Nothing has changed.

Lew said...

From BC’s Elections Act:

"election advertising - means the transmission to the public by any means, during the period beginning 60 days before a campaign period and ending at the end of the campaign period, of an advertising message that promotes or opposes, directly or indirectly, a registered political party or the election of a candidate, including an advertising message that takes a position on an issue with which a registered political party or candidate is associated…”

Does Kinder Morgan take a position on pipelines, and is candidate Derek Corrigan associated in any way with the issue?

e.a.f. said...

the commercials go on forever. When they first came on, I wasn't watching that closely and thought they were political ads, to persuade the voters to believe every one was well employed, the climate was lovely, etc.

Then I noticed they were all by oil companies. Its just one big ad campaign to convince people oil companies are good guys, that they love the environment, there are no oil spills, and everybody has jobs, jobs, jobs.

This is all in an effort to maintain support for the B.C. lieberals. People know there is more and more unemployment. People know homelessness is growing, etc.

The ads aren't so much about the municipal elections, but about the potential for oil spills on the Salish Sea, support for the federal cons and the b.c. lieberals.

Had these oil companies spent this money doing something socially worthwhile, who knows, it most likely would have gotten them a lot more positive press. Of course, they get to write these ads off as a business expense. So we not only have to listen to the "bull tweet" we pay for it.

Once again we got "scr***d" and didn't even get kissed.

Anonymous said...