Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Connecting The Dots On Clarklandian Pay-To-Play...Macleans Takes Over From New York Times.


Many in the local Lotuslandian proMedia are no doubt still patting themselves on the back for exposing the Hack-Lie for what it truly was last week.

Although few among them are actually calling said lie what it actually was.

And fewer of them are connecting the dots to the story that Ms. Clark's blatant lie, and follow-up deflector spike spinning knocked off the front pages.

And, speaking of dot connecting the local puffed-up punditry will not do, Nancy Macdonald had a solid piece on pay-to-play that mostly re-hashed Dan Levin's piece in the New York Times from awhile back.

Which is the kind of reinforcement that is an important thing to do for the citizenry, regardless.

But a couple of new bits (at least in proMedia if not Bloggodome terms) caught my eye:

...British Columbians’ faith in democracy is being undermined by the vast sums flooding the system, and there’s a growing concern that their government is essentially being bought and paid for by a wealthy clique...


...Critics similarly point to contributions by large companies like Ecotex Healthcare Linen Service ($115,000 donated to the Liberal party since 2005), Emil Anderson Construction ($50,000), Kinder Morgan and its industry supporters ($719,000) and Imperial Metals and its subsidiaries ($195,000). Those same companies have, respectively, received a 20-year government laundry contract, a $36-million six-lane highway expansion contract, Clark’s approval for a controversial pipeline and a permit to open a new mine. In the case of the mine approval, it came one year after Imperial Metal’s controlling shareholder, N. Murray Edwards, hosted a $1-million fundraiser for Clark in Calgary...

Funny that, despite all their foot stomping about how Dan Levin just swooped in and stole their stuff, local types like Ron Obvious et al. (and/or their editors) have refused to print passages like that, eh?

Of course, Ms Macdonald missed the part about the good Mr. Edwards and his Imperial Metals being involved in that gigantic dirt pile that the Clarklandian government turned a blind eye to before it failed., but still, we give her top marks for the dot connecting she did to (especially after she talked to Integrity BC's Dermod Travis)
Hey! If you haven't read Norm Farrell yet this morning, head on over to read his latest and see if you can spot his estimate on what his accountant's mind figures IPP contracts are going to cost every single family in British Columbia....The number will astound you.
Finally....It's Ledge Day for the first time in, well, it seems like forever...Guess the people's business is just not as important as fundraising...Or some such thing.



Anonymous said...


There've been so many BC Liberal misdeeds and bungling ( i.e. Harry Bloy, links below)
, that I confused Imperial Metals with Boss Mines…and I'd almost forgotten that squandering of $30 million of our monies

...and btw the people of Socred Central would NEVER, EVER have allowed this to go forward in their backyard…they're not 'dupes' like the ones in Shawnigan, ya know?

"The B.C. government has agreed to pay a mining company more than $30 million after it halted a uranium mining proposal near Kelowna in 2008 — and the NDP mining critic is blaming Liberal incompetence and interference for the costly settlement.

NDP energy critic John Horgan says the government was forced to settle with the company after Kevin Krueger, who was minister of state for mining at the time, issued a ban on uranium mining shortly after Boss Energy filed for permits for its Blizzard deposit.

"It was Mr. Krueger that made the announcement of a moratorium well before there were any policy foundations for that," said Horgan.

"It was just out of the blue. He had no backing to make that statement and it cost the people of British Columbia 30 million bucks to cover up his incompetence…"


e.a.f. said...

"the people's" business has been taken care of very nicely. Its just not the majority of "people's" business. the only people who count in Christy's world are those who contribute to her slush fund, aka get re elected fund, from which she got to skim. If you don't have $5K or more to attend your just not a "people" in this province, so your "business" doesn't count. As they say, its pay to play and the e.g.s are just ever so lovely of who pays and plays, but in the end, they pay and we pay. Just think a 20 year laundry agreement..........after what they contributed. back in the day they had other names for those sorts of activities in Chicago. In B.C. the MSM won't use those words. Ah, well, as more time goes by it, it becomes more clear Trump isn't an original, he just copied Christy.

Now that the leg. is sitting we can expect the MSM to get back to wha they do best, tell us all how wonderful Christy is and how bad Horgan is. can't wait for the late night tweets from the twits.

Anonymous said...

when BC says #1 priority they mean no one priority that doesnt donate?

Chuckstraight said...

I was astounded to see David Emerson (LiberalConservative) appointed to yet another session at the tax trough. Have they no shame?

Anonymous said...

Sad thing about all of this, is that the so called experts, "think" the populace has no power. We do. Demand that a corruption enquiry be initiated. If not, why not. Secondly presumptive or otherwise, have the decisions made by the "party in power" been in the best interests of the electorate? If not, then use every legal and political means to dismantle the policies and decisions that led to this mess. Orders in council, proceeds of crime legislation updates, and a host of punitive measures could be done in order to remove the "damage done" to the people of this province.
Lawsuits and a host of other methods could be launched at both the party and ministers. If impropriety exists, leave no stone unturned. The fallacy that the public does not have recourse against political malfeasance and corrupt governance is wrong. The public must be far more engaged and begin to question every decision in governance that affects all of us. Corruption as we have seen, cannot be tolerated. Political engagement and manipulation cannot be left to the sociopathic elements in our society. As we have witnesses over the past 15 years, collaboration between corporations and governance in this province has made a huge debt ridden mess.

Anonymous said...

the empress of victoria becomes the diva of diatraction shoving BC debt into BCHydro dams and claiming a balanced budget on the backs of msp icbc bchydro general revenue transfers?
its like saying i have no household debt but i have a 100k loan on my car
cognitive dissonance?

Willy said...

Sorry to correct you anon above- NOT the Diva of distraction, the diarrhea of distraction.

Anonymous said...

christy says 2 million population up in BC over 25 years stats say 1.2 M.
who do you trust?