Monday, August 05, 2019

The Keef Report...But, What About Global News?


Hard to argue with that.


Perhaps the Keef could inform his employer.

Subheader earworm...This.
Hey...Jody Paterson has an important post up about 'The Great Hack' and the deep digital corrosion of democracy everywhere...And Mr. Beer 'N Hockey's latest, and the wee bit of back and forth it engendered, led me to look up Jackie Fuchs' (nee Fox of The Runaways) real story...I think we with the Y chromosomes have to realize that everything was not right with the '70's world for everyone.



Anonymous said...

FI is charity status?

e.a.f. said...

jeezes, either keith has had his "come to jesus moment" or is seriously pissed about something,

its not that I don't agree with him. I've never thought the Fraser Institute relevant. It was funded by right wing financial 1%ers who promote the interests of the 1%ers in this province and tried to get the working class to buy into the b.s.

global of course being a financial 1%ers, would support the Fraser Institute to the end.

Nice read on B.C. Day!

Lew said...

From Global’s website:

“Keith Baldrey
Legislative Bureau Chief

Keith Baldrey is Global BC’s legislative bureau chief based in Victoria, and one of B.C.’s best known political commentators.”

Seems that Keef’s title doesn’t come with any editorial privileges.