Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Fitness Test.


From Evan Scrimshaw's latest:

... (Last) Wednesday Pierre Poilievre claimed in the House of Commons that the car that crashed and exploded in Buffalo, right by the border, was a terrorist attack, based on Fox News reporting...


I realize that the FedLibs have pushed this bit of outrage catnip in an effort to drive up the good Mr. Poilievre's political negatives.

But, leaving all that aside for the moment...

Given how often Fox News is demonstrably wrong in its ideology-driven 'reportage', I would argue vehemently that any politician who makes decisions based on what Fox has to say is not fit to be Prime Minister.

...Or Opposition Leader.

...Or, even, Director of Snow Removal.

I mean, just imagine if something really significant were to happen that a government, be it federal or municipal, needs to respond to calmly and rationally based on the best information available and, instead, that same government acts on the basis of what the screamers have to say.

Is that not a recipe for real disaster?



Chuckstraight said...

Good call. Pollievre is not leadership material at all.
There are a lot of folks out there that thinks he is the answer to their problems in the world.
The problems are a lot more complex.
Where did Pollievre work?

Evil Eye said...

We have too problems in Canada:

1) Justin Trudeau
2) Pierre Pollievre

Justin is merely a clown in politcal clothing and is extremely dangerous as he taking Canada into the sea of vast discontent.

Pierre is, day by day, proving that he to is a clown and his course is to again take Canada into the adjacent sea of vast discontent.

Both have proven unfit to be Prime Minister, yet one will be after the next election.

The NDP has become a ship of fools, which sails in a bathtub, not a sea and the rest in Parliament are rats who left a sinking ship.

Here is the issue, the good ship Canada is drifting aimlessly in the see of corruption, slowly to be wrecked upon the rocks of hubris and ennui. sadly for the passengers there are no lifeboats and they will have be taken by whoever is commanding the ship.

NVG said...

I suppose, the only way to change directions away from the Liberals and/or Conservatives inadequate Leadership (not mentioning the NDP) is to create another Party.

Danielle Smith to the rescue

Trailblazer said...

A nation of clowns we may well be.
Sadly it's a universal problem , just look to the USA and UK .
So ooo just who the fuck governs right now?
It sure as hell is not the politicians.


Trailblazer said...

To answer my own question.
Social media and it's manipulators govern!


Bruce Mitchell said...

I heard that in grade school that when the teacher left the class, PP. Would write down students names. If/when PP wins a national election, S.Harper is ready to swoop in from the wings to carry on his harder right transition of the country.

JP said...

nothing changes.

peter poophead waves the fascist flag / christian fundamentalism / corporate control agenda.

justin hair and teeth is basically fascist light.

in my mind, mr.singh has little credibility although i'll give him some kudos for forcing some social agenda on the hair and teeth crowd.

the ndp needs a credible leader and to get back to socialist roots while excluding the woke idiocy.

the other two have been bought and paid for nothing will change that.

i wish the country luck but i'll be bailing out of the country soon as it's too expensive to live comfortably.

Keith said...

Is that not a recipe for real disaster?

very much so Ross, in addition to Evil Eyes excellent comments problem is.

Apart from some unforeseen miracle Polievre has to do very little except keep doing what he’s doing to end up in the top job. The cons.are way ahead in the polls seemingly not for any desire to see them in power, the hoi poloi want and need a change, were tired in the extreme of Trudeau before covid gave him a temporary lease on political life, who now isn’t reading the room or taking the obvious hints to pull the plug and disappear whilst there is still runway to do so for whoever comes next. Not that it would be a slam dunk for the currrent liberal scraped out minority government hanging on at present via the NDP.

To quote Raif: if on a scale of one to ten everyone is a three, you only have to be a four to look good.

e.a.f. said...

Keithm, thank you for the line. Recall reading it on his blog from time to time and its true. It always made me laugh

Using Fox as a source to make statements, not bright. This is Canada and the least PP could do is listen to CCBC. Oh, right he wants to defund it.

Would not want PP running a local parks board.

Some may not be that impressed with Singh and the NDP these days, but having recently read up on some previous NDP/CCF leaders, people weren't too keen on them either. David Lewis and his predessesors, etc. Can remember some of the unpleasant comments aimed at the CFF and NDP leaders. Some may not like Singh because he has supported the Liberals and kept them in office. that's nothing new. It wasn't popular within the party either and sometimes it even cost the party seats in the next election. You may not like Singh, but he made the best decision. If not Trudeau, we might have PP as P.M.

The issues we have in Canada today are issues other countries are also having. Rise in cost of living, homelesness, insufficent health care, increased taxes, etc. A lot of other countries have the same problem. Just look south of the border. G.B. has a higher death rate for pregant and birthing women and babies than they did 20 years ago. The British government is having a heall of a time housing families on welfare, etc.

Instead of complaining we out to look at what we have im this country, i.e. we are not at war; we have a government health care system--could use some improvements but most of us get what we need, lack of affordable housing but then when this started in the 1980s no one waas upset becaause they were selling their homes and making a bundle, that is until the day their kids couldn't buy a place. We have a decent judicial system and our Supreme Court, unlike the American one isn't on the take.

People complain about taxes all the time, but we need them to pay for the things voters want or need. Lat yr. my taxes were $5K and change. I'm happy to pay it because, turn on the water tap and there is clean drinkable water, the sewer system works well, get sick--call 911 and the ambulance comes with commpentent staff and takes us to the hospital, things look a tad iffy--dial 911 and the RCMP shows up, snow on the streets--city plow comes by and removes it. I could go on, but you get the drift. We have a pretty good deal in this country.

Trudeau ought to step up his game but looking back don't recall any Conservative P.M.s doing any better.

Scotty on Denman said...

I maintain the partisan right is in a state of longterm decline, in some cases looking more like throes than the flu. In the West and a few other places in the world (like India or Japan) traditional conservatism has been usurped by globalizing neoliberals who seized on the Soviet collapse to bring an “End of History” to their vision of stateless corporatocracy which required the diminishment of national sovereignties which might tax private profit and regulate industry—trying to stop the evolutions of time being about the only thing these neo-rightist inherited from the parties they commandeered. But they got so high on obscene and, apparently, addictive profits, their delusion was success when failure to appreciate the urgency of climate change (some of them still deny it exists, despite the mounting—or mountain-like— evidence) and the growing danger of social unrest due to chronic wealth inequity inevitably threatened their two-decade hegemony. Desperate to brake the history of their own end, they grasped at the nearest flotsam of their respective ship-wrecks only to latch onto demagogic sharks who are always attracted to thrashing and blood in the water. Donald F tRump has become their leadership model, good government and rule-of-law their iconoclasm. Tory moderates who mistook the neo-right usurpers as the vehicle in which they could catch up with the times now regret the open wound of schism in their parties. I believe it’s too late for redemption, so nominal conservative parties are stuck which leaders elected to appease the radicals once so enthusiastically invited in. Pierre “le Puke” “Poilievre is a prime example and, subjurisdictionally, so is Danielle Smith. The sooner moderate, centre-right conservtives accept this fact—instead of trying to ‘jump the shark’— and hive away from disaster, the better.