Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Headline You Won't Read In Tomorrow's Funny Papers


Greens Steal Victory From Carole James and the NDP!

And that includes Vancouver West Point Grey....if only that darned Kettlewell guy hadn't been so successful with that bloody GordCo 2.0 thing.

But what the hell, that was a good one and it probably lost the Commander votes all over the place, both left and right.

And besides, it was still a great victory for US (ie. British Columbians) not THEM (ie.Multinationals - just ask the people of Kitimat).

Full kudos go to David Beers et al. as well as Rafe Mair for giving us a truly alternative voice.

And why the heck was David Schreck so pessimistic (still think if the James Gang had sent, say Corky Evans, to every Media outlet immediately to do a stunt-o-rama on The Smear, non-stop from Thursday to Sunday midnight, that it could have been an even better outcome)?

Can't wait now to see if contributor BFD is right......and if so, which LINO will unsheath the first longknife* behind the Commander's back.

Finally, don't forget where all those LINO seats came from and who fronted them. Put that together with the fact that for every Carole Taylor and Wally Oppal there was a Mary Polak and a Little Lord Lorne elected and one can only conclude that, caucus-wise at least, the RedMeat Crowd is firmly in control.

*Speaking in purely metaphorical/realpolitick terms of course.


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