Saturday, May 02, 2009

Election Day 19 (cont'd)....Is This Good Management?

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Number of full time spin doctors in Gordon Campbell's (veryprivate)Public Affairs Bureau - 223.

Number of full time park rangers in Gordon Campbell's (notso)Public Parks - 10.


I ask again.....

Is this really the kind of 'good' management we want for four more long years?

And, yes, '10' really is the number of full time Park Rangers in the ENTIRE province of British Columbia. The chart at the top of the post, which was obtained by the Western Canada Wilderness Committee by FOI, is a breakdown of how those numbers have FALLEN since 'The Great Manager To The Corporate Stars' began selling everything in 2001 (and the Ranger numbers have dropped even more since '07)..
Thanks to our good friend, and fellow Campbell Doctrine Dismantler, Laila for the tip (and the legwork - she has a really fine post up on all this and much, much more).


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