Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Circus Outside My Window...Day 7



Whadd'ya know.

Turns out it actually costs 'Infinity' if you want to park in the empty lot outside my window tucked away out here on the far, far western edge of the Circus.....


Yesterday, I mentioned that the empty parking lot actually has one frequent visitor - a tour bus from Scranton PA.

Which got the good Reverend, he of the country that loves the site of its 1972 Circus so much that it is now affectionately referred to by its cup-o-noodles monicker, to thinking not about Michael Scott, but instead about the late, great Harry Chapin......

Wasn't that just FanFrickin'Tastical?

Oh, and yesterday, we were also talking about both reel and real-life musical love stories...Turns out that the story of Harry and the love of his life Sandy was musical also - and Mr. Chapin sang of that love too.....
Finally, because I have really been remiss in keeping up with the real world lately... thought I should mention that our good friend Laila Yule has been on fire lately with true Citizen Journalism at its finest.


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