Friday, February 26, 2010

Uke Cover Wars!......Round 2


A young musician who goes by the name of 'Sebi' is the head of the Swiss division of the New Ukerists of the Purple Age.

And he does both originals and fantastic highly collaborative 'covers' of all kinds.

Which I'd been digging for sometime until, suddenly, his stuff disappeared.

Here, in Sebi's own words is why:

About Me:
Warner Music had Youtube suspend my old account because of copyright infringement. According to YouTube, Warner Music doesn't want me to cover their songs on my ukulele. Say what?! I still cannot believe it. I had more than 500,000 views on my videos, almost 1,000 subscribers, and was enjoying making collabs with great Youtubers from anywhere in the world, until one day one email by Youtube told me that two videos of mine where deleted because of third-party notification from Warner Music claiming that my material was infringing. 24 hours later my account was suspended without notification. Oh well. But I'm back now with a message for Warner Music. Please spread the word and many, many thank you's for all your support. Peace, sebi.


The man who is currently doing his best to run Warner's Music Group into the ground is Canada's most famous bootlegger's grandson, Edgar Bronfman Jr.

Given all that, the ever resourceful Sebi has written an original ode to the good 'Mr. B', which is flat-out outstanding in it's own right.....


Does anybody find it ironic that a guy whose Grandfather built the family fortune, a fortune he has, for all intents and purposes done his best to squander (see Seagrams, DuPont, Polygram, MCA, Universal, Vivendi, etc......), on bootlegging is coming down hard on creative bootleggers who are actually helping push his product.

Come to think of it....

Maybe Sebi et al., should cover this.

After all, the codswallop linked to directly above was actually written by the good Mr. B., and if he suddenly saw digital downloads of that junk rise dramatically because a few creative kids actually helped make it cool, well, maybe Edgar Jr. would come to realize what covers from cool kids can do for a real musician.

Then again, Mr. Bronfman the younger would probably just come to the conclusion that it was all due to Steve Jobs' fiddling with the numbers in an attempt to get him to sell off all of Neil Young's back catalogue for a song and/or the future rights to all the junk that Pixar has decided to never produce and was instead intending to sell to David Geffen for a haiku or two.

Which, of course, based on past performance Mr. B. would probably jump at faster than his big brother Sammy could whisper 'Conoco' in his ear.


In Round 1 of the UkeCoverWar series, we mentioned the difficulties another New Ukerist, seeso, has been having with, we assume, the good Mr. B. and his ilk.....Can't wait to see what happens if they hit somebody like the unbelievably talented, and popular, Julia Nunes who has both her 150,000 subscribers and the entire GreenBros-Inspired Nerdfighter Army behind her....
Where did all of this come from?...Well, for quite sometime now the Two E's and I have been literally crazy for Uke Covers, which all started with this little series.....



Your driver said...

We will drive the record companies into the sea! Or, to paraphrase a punk slogan, YouTube is killing the music industry. Killing is good!

RossK said...

Very good indeed Jon.


How'd that last day go?