Saturday, February 20, 2010

Is This The End Of Youtube As We Know It?


Well, well, well.....

It looks like the Media Monopolists and their allies, the Conspiratorial Consolidationists, have decided to really go after the little guy now.

Especially the creative little guy.


First, they went after anyone who posted-up stuff that had been previously released by the chattle in their stables.

Which, on the face of it, was fair enough, I guess, considering that it was the chattel that made the stuff - even if it wasn't always of their own volition.

But now?


The fact that the Media Monopolists are going after Ukulele players for posting-up their own creative cover versions of songs once recorded by said chattle is just too much.

Below, one of the finest of all new Ukerists, 'seeso' explains:

I suggested the following, over at seeso's Youtube Channel:

Re: The Copyright Thing....

What if, say, 50,000 seeso fans/Uke fanatics all posted the same cover(s) and then dared the powers that be to shut us all down...

And then, if they did....Well, we could respond with a 'fine, go ahead'...and then we could all take a walk to another venue.

Wonder how they'd like them apples?


Here's the real thing....There are so many bands that I knew absolutely nothing about until I stumbled across a New Ukerist (or even just some kid with a guitar) covering them....Then, if intrigued, I went searching for that band (most often by clicking on one of the 'related' uploads on the same frickin' page)....Then, if I liked the band, I often went and bought something of theirs, either physical product , or, a download from Mr. Jobs' place....Example: The band 'Say Anything' which I only discovered after I stumbled upon a then still relatively (ie. only a few thousand subscribers at the time - ha!) unknown Julia Nunes, doing this ...I mean, honestly, are the Media Monopolists crazy?....Do they not want free Word-O-Web advertising?....Again, are they completely crazy!?....Or are they just, well.....Perhaps....Maybe....Stoopid?



Jon said...

The media monopolists are doomed and crazy. In other words, they're dangerous. They think they own music. I mean the very concept of music. crazy.

the rev. paperboy said...

some uke player covering a song on YouTube in hardly putting Warner Brothers or Universal in the poor house. Admittedly, songwriters should get paid when people use their songs, but I don't think Bob Dylan is losing any sleep over my playing "If Not For You" to Mrs. Paperboy. My understanding was that you only had to pay to use other people's published music if you were releasing it as a commercial recording. Will the copyright police be lurking behind a tree at the next campfire jam I take part in?

RossK said...


Doomed, crazy and, I am convinced, stoopid...They should be trying to sign guys like seeso up rather than trying to squash him....clearly the guy is doing something right given that he's good, he's entertaining, and he's built a community that will follow him pretty much anywhere - that's the kind of brand that lasts.



RossK said...


I have a feeling that it's all based on numbers....essentially seeso must have hit some magic hit count that made Warners (I assume the stoopid, irrelevant Eagles are still with Warners....Is there still a Warners?) trigger some sorta...'gotta stop this guy clause' regardless whether he's making money off it or not.

One guy I've noticed is really harsh on any infringing on his stuff is Van Morrison...but he always seems to allow covers as long as folks get permission...maybe somebody has to set up some sort of permission to cover as an amateur-type clearing-house site....

But again, if, say, Molly Lewis suddenly starts making Randy Newman cool again, do you think the old curmudgeon is going to complain - sheesh.....Heckfire, Springsteen is actually doing the deed himself - having hipsters cover his stuff and then upload it at his site - and some of it is pretty fab.


Sparky said...

her rendition of 'All My Lovin'' is wonderful.
Hope she makes it big.

Sparky said...

(that comment was with regards to Julia Nunes... sorry for any 'fusion)

RossK said...

No confusion whatsoever Sparky - Thanks! (and agree with you completely).

Regarding Ms. Nunes (and a bunch of her friends, including Lauren O'Connell and the fabulous Pomplamoose Duo), one of the things that I find really intriguing about them is that they do seem to be making it pretty big...And they're doing it all on their own...which is the really fantastic thing....And the way they are really making it (monetarily) is by selling their originals that other DIYer's are covering to the hilt which, if you ask me, is really, really wonderful.

Heckfire! - I can't get Bigger E to stop playing 'Into The Sunshine'.

(which, of course, is a good thing - thanks, again, for dropping by)