Sunday, February 21, 2010

Let's Go Busking!


It's Week #8.....(Sun Feb 22nd, 2010).

And we're returning to the site where we had a great time during Week 4 - The Sunset Beach Dog Park in the Near West End, from about 1-3pm

(it's directly behind the Aquatic Center, right next to the seawall/walk/bike/skate path just to the West of the Burrard Bridge).


A little different this time out though - last time in late January it was grey and it's sunny and beautiful.



There's also that little matter of the Circus being on.....

(film at 11! - see the update below)

Faces we'd love to see in the crowd?.....Well, there are all the usual suspects on the sidebar (you know who you are, ha!), but we'd really love to see WestEndBob and jo-jo (and maybe even drf?) and, wait for it......Macadavy!!!!?)
Image at top of the post courtesy our good friend Laila, and the 4th Buskateer Cameron)!
Update: Our good friend Bob actually had the film up before 11, but we missed it due to Sunday night Glee watching (Bigger E got the entire first season on DVD for Christmas).... You can see it here....More to come.....

(sorry for being so late with this...gotta set up one of those Twitter things)



Anonymous said...

You have got to see this. Obama playing on XBox. Funniest video ever.

West End Bob said...

The "Four-Footed-Child" and I are headin' out now, RossK. Alas, "drf" in in the Excited States 'til next week.

The locale is exactly where I thought it was - thanx for the clarification . . . . ;-)

West End Bob said...

Good job today, Gang!

FFC enjoyed meeting Whack-a-doodle, too!

Check it out . . . .

Your driver said...

I am profoundly inspired by your busking but I've gotta ask, did you get any of the emails I sent and or posts at my blog comment section re your troubles emailing me?

adamdelved AT gmail Dot etc.

Unknown said...

Awesome video by West End Bob, awesome tunefulness by Ross and bigger E!

RossK said...


Fantastic (of E. at least - ha!)

Sure hope J-J didn't muck up the carpets again after running around with the whackadoodle.


RossK said...


It was a kingheck kind of a day.

Ours was the relaxed, almost bucolic, version.

As for the other kind - the Kinghell Gonzo version?


For that you'll just have to go and read Beer.

Right now!


West End Bob said...

No carpet drama, RossK. She had dried off and had a big smile on her face all the way home.

Think she was anticipating the next performance in her 'hood.

Did C make it by, or were you left alone with the e's and W.A.D. ? ? ? ?

RossK said...



And sorry for all the 'ya now!


RossK said...


Alas, in the end no C (spooked by dire, if unwarranted traffic warnings).....So even more important that you got the footage...Sent it off to her, to grandparents, and toaunts and uncles already...