Sunday, February 28, 2010

Let's Go Busking!


It's Week #9.....(Sun Feb 28th, 2010) our 'Year of Busking (notso)Dangerously'....

And we've decided to head back down to play a hometown gig - The Trout Lake East End Dog Park, from about 2-4pm.

We were going to ride our bikes down to the WestEnd, but we chickened out because of the threatening looking weather....apologies....

Photocredit: Our good friend Bob! ....(and yes, that is 'the sweater')....
Faces we'd like to see in the crowd.....
Well, all the usual suspects on the sidebar (you know who you are!) and, this is a weird one.....How about Godzilla Salmi....He, and the readers of Terminal City, print edition, circa 1994, know why...Ha!



paul said...

The Haitian Hootenanny was an artistic and commercial success - great music, fine lasagna and $4,600 raised. I expect, with good advance planning, the Es will take us over $5,000 next time.

RossK said...


Fantastic! - so sorry we missed it.

We, ourselves, made money this weekend....It's not much, but we discussed it at dinner last night and decided we want to send it the HH - can we send it to the address on the facebook page?