Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Circus Outside My Window...Day 5


The excitement out here on the tip of the Circus' far western pincer is palpable this morning.


Because there are actually three, count'em three!, empty Samsung-ad-festooned buses tucked into the corner of the expansive (but otherwise empty/closed-to-the-public) parking lot right outside my window.

Does this mean that the Korean Women's hockey team is about to get creamed by those lovable gals coached by that crotchety, but even more lovable in the end, old monarch named J. Andrews?


What's that, you say?

Korea doesn't even have a women's hockey team?


Does that mean that Genovia is actually playing those crazy kids from Salzburg coached by C. Plummer today?

Hang on a second.

Gotta go see if there any rabid crowds from Wein with images of the 'e' tatooed on their foreheads* out there buying tickets from the ubiquitous scalpers.

I'll get back to you.....


*That's edelweiss, not that other thing that so many of the swingin' kids from Wein who wig out to the A are into these days..... of course.
Update: It's 5:00pm, and.....It is now officially Slurpee-Time! for the 16 RCMP officers who came out 'ahem', in-force, with their 10 squad cars (all with lights flashing in the middle of the boulevard), 2 bikes, and 1 ATV to 'secure' the 400 meters around the corner from me where a couple of thousand well-heeled folks (ie. about 12 thousand fewer people and approximately 11,950 fewer young, drunk rowdy kids that stream out of your average VansTour-type stadium rock show that occur by the score out here by the score every summer and which are secured by 4 or 5 old guys in yellow jackets who, if they are lucky, are equipped with a Ford Fiesta or two in case of emergency) strolled on by on their way out of that massive victory by the US American women over those poor young lasses from the Russian Federation who are soon to feel the wrath of one V.Putin and/or receive a one way ticket to work for Yukos Oil in Vladivostok until the next Winter(?) Games....Speaking of which, where are the next winter games?...I mean, are they going to be held somewhere where it is actually winter in late February?
Double-Secret Probation Update: Latenight, with helicopters....The reverend paperboy reminds us that the next Winter Circus-Circus will be located in a still frosty place where the whole hep world would be going on a Saturday night if the KGB had won the war



Bob Broughton said...

Ross, if you see a Vancouver Trolley Co. bus on 4th Ave. between Jericho Beach and Cambie, it's probably me that's driving it.

I know that at least one of the Samsung buses is being used for city sightseeing tours.

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Ross, the next winter games are going to be in Russia. Alexander Ovechkin has already sworn to walk away from the NHL if they won't let him play for the Russian team in 2014.

RossK said...

Will look for you Bob - that's a pretty plum of a run I would reckon.

(ya - think the SSung Buses were tours...but when they left they were nowhere near full - it's like this is the house league tourney going on out here)


RossK said...

Spam #43 above--

Blah, blah, blah...win a stupid pad thing that is almost 1/55th as functional as a piece of paper....blah, blah, blah...


RossK said...

Thanks rev!

Somehow I'd transmorphed the Russian town of 'Sochi' into a silly looking Alfian-like mini-mascot in the theatre of my mind.