Friday, February 19, 2010

The Circus Outside My Window...Day 8


I find it ironic, not to mention laughable, in the extreme that the Local-Lickspittles in the proMedia Brigade (sports-division, and otherwise), are blaming 'The Media' for raining on VANOC's parade.

Actually, it is all the fault of the dirty rotten stinkin' no-good commie Media 'Internationale' to be more precise.

Especially those awful British.


But here's the thing.....

If the L-L Brigade had done their jobs and actually seriously asked, a long time ago, why anyone would ever plan to.... Hold a major Alpine event at Cyprus Bowl in late February....Hire bus drivers from Florida to drive through the mountains without training them..... Use hay bales to support spectators that were sure to fall apart like shredded wheat in milk when they got wet....Stick steel poles next to sliding tracks.... Or, build a speed-skating oval below sea level in North America's warmest, most highly-hydrated winter climate zone.....Well?

Maybe VANOC wouldn't be in the real (ie. sports-venue, not beer-tent) mess that it's in right now.


And if the LL Brigade had done their job on other more important non-VANOC related stories?..... Well, who knows....



CathiefromCanada said...

Actually, things seem to be going OK for now, at least (I can say this because I was NOT one of the 28000 whose tickets at Cypress were cancelled!) The media keeps showing all of the partying on Robson and at Whistler.

RossK said...

Absolutely Cathie--

The 'parties' are going just fine, indeed (especially if you are willing and/or able to start lining up for things at 10am that are scheduled to commence at 9pm).

As for the 'sporting' venues? Well....