Monday, February 22, 2010

Snow? In Vancouver?!


I swear, I saw them this morning.

The puffy white flakes....

Swirling as they floated down onto the heads of the throngs squinting into the blazing sun as they hiked east (ya, East!!!) along King Edward from the Lavalin-Line on their way to the shuffleboard match.



I just realized there was tinge of pink in 'em.

Cherry blossoms!




If you are not reading Mr. Beer 'N Hockey, you are not getting the real story about all that is happening down at the Circus-Circus.

Here's just a taste of his reportage from yesterday:

"......Every bar in town was like this: like a punk rock bar in 1979. A table of Finlanders were taking turns spewing beneath their table as they shot back beer and Taboo absinthe. The Swiss crowd looked about to pass out en masse until one of their bobsledders began speeding down the Death Track on the big screens when they would suddenly spring to life like a Vampire Olympic Organizing Committee fed with more money......"


Where the heckfire is Warren Hinckle when we need him.

(watch the embedded video)

Oh, and for anybody looking for footage of yesterday's ThreeBuskateers session (Week 8), our good friend Bob has the goods here....A full report to follow....



macadavy said...

What is it with this four year fetish? If only we'd had the good sense to have held this five-ring circus this time last year!
(And we'd have had the opportunity to unelect our spendthrift government the following May!)
All in the timing, I guess...

RossK said...

Ya--timing is everything when reality means nothing.

Or some such thing.