Saturday, February 13, 2010

This Is Our Heyday, Baby.



Update: Week 7 of our Busking Year on Sun Feb 14th will be @ Spanish Banks at the far west, Dogpark, end....probably about noon to 2pm....Presuming, of course, we can find some room amongst all those RVs from Lichtenstein....Ha!

No flame*.

No cauldron.

No nothing.

Just my oldest kid and me.


*That fire-eaterish looking thing across the way is actually the fountain atop Queen Elizabeth Park which is, literally, only about 800 meters away from Circus-Circus Central.
The above is just a snippet
from 'Our Busking Year', Week 6.....The real, much more fulsome, accounting is still to come.
And if you'd like to see where the inspiration for this came from (assuming, of course, that you are not Irish and/or you don't drink Guinness), by all means please go here.
Finally, if you wanna see where the inspiration ended up, in all its glory, get a load of this.



Cathie from Canada said...

Sounding terrific.

JJ said...

That's so cool, RossK! Nice work. (And your kid has a gorgeous voice.)

fern hill said...

Very nice, RossK. Thanks for sending me here.

RossK said...

Thanks all!

And ya, that voice of hers most certainly is.

The gorgeousest is, I mean.


JimBobby said...

Whooee! That's some dandy warblin' an' pickin'!

RossK said...

Jim Bobby!!!!!

And it's all electrication or anything....

(well, then again, there are all those dead camera batteries...will have to rectify that soon).


paul said...

That is seriously good. Great voice, and rarer, a great sense of the song.

paul said...

And two things strike me. The trio would be welcome special guests at the Haitian Hootenanny, an indoor celebration of busking with a purpose over here Feb. 27. (
And you guys could make an interesting little documentary by the end of the year of busking.

RossK said...

Thanks Paul!

Will give it a think.....problem is, have a big grant due Monday March 1st....