Sunday, March 04, 2012

BC's One True, Best Blogger Is Gone

For Mary, wherever we may find her.

Because both her aim and her heart were always true.

Sunday night....Laila and Robin Mathews have a tribute up at Laila's place. It really is magnificent.

...Ian Reid has a post up too. Succinct and to the point, it explains Mary's importance to all British Columbians.

...Kim makes it clear that Mary was our catalyst.

(many, many tributes to follow I'm sure - Mine will be just one of them when I can clear my eyes enough to type it.)



ron wilton said...

Do you have any more information?

I am stunned and don't know what to say, but I wish her well on her next journey.

Kim said...

Oh my God. That hurts. Having trouble reading the goddamned catpcha code.

Bill said...

Very sad news Ross.

Mary was an inspiration to us all. She was tireless in her optimism for the truth. She was selfless in her postings and supportive to her fellow progressive bloggers. She kept up the good fight shinning light on the murky, corrupt Liberals and their criminal theft of BC Rail.

BC Mary loved BC for all the right reasons. It is fitting that you have the flag of British Columbia waiving tribute to this fine person. She will be greatly missed.

cfvua said...

Very sad news indeed. Her passion for the province and BC Rail should be an inspiration for us all to pursue a full inquiry and see all involved in the heist punished. Her time spent investigating the story and exposing it should always be remembered.

We will miss you.

Don F. said...

I am very saddened by this news. Mary was one of a dying breed that simply will never be replaced or equaled again. my admiration for her is great as is the pain in my heart.
I will truly miss her!

RossK said...

More info coming...

Sorry about this - just felt I had to get something up right away when I heard.

She really was the best of all.


Rev.Paperboy said...

RIP Mary, you were one of the firstest with the mostest

blady said...

How can this be?...The very best snatched from us so cavalierly. ditto Kim and may she rest never to be in physical pain no more.
Mucho great mourning here.

Anonymous said...

I was stunned and in disbelief, when I heard of our BC Mary's passing.

Mary was so intelligent, dedicated, and passed her wealth of information, of the BCR trial onto the rest of us.

Thank you Mary, you will be sadly missed.

Saskboy said...

I remember her blog from years ago. It's always very sad to see words grow older, with no new ones to come from the same impressive source.

lenin's ghost said... condolences to all connected to her.
A great loss........she was a positive beacon of hope and light that will be missed.......a lot!