Monday, March 05, 2012

Did The Generals Who Unleashed The Segretti Army Forget That...

....The People Whose Franchise They Were Trying To Suppress Were NOT Low Information Voters?

When I listened to Dean Del Mastro on Evan Solomon's radio show on Saturday I was aghast.

At just about everything he said.

But I was truly flummoxed when Mr. Del Mastro tried to wave away the weight of bedrock evidence of widespread voter suppression by stating that it was all impossible because 900,000 more Canadians voted in 2011 than in 2008.

Now, before I get going here I want to explain my use of the phrase 'bedrock evidence of voter suppression.'


Because you will read, see and hear all kinds of mewling in the proMedia this week about how, so far at least, unless you are talking about Guelph, all we have are lots of baseless accusations.

Which, of course, is codswallop.

Because, while it may not be possible to state precisely who did what, where with absolute certainty at the moment, there is no doubt about what happened.

And what happened, clearly, were fraudulent attempts at voter suppression on a massive scale.



As in fraud.



To come back to this '900,000 more voters means no suppression took place' business.

Of course, we who are actually paying attention know this is nothing but the pretzel logic of a defective neo-sophist that makes absolutely no sense at all.

But I don't really care about that the garbage that spews from the mouth of the likes of Mr. Del Mastro and his comrades.

Because they are nothing but empty vessels whose bilge tanks are filled with putrescence every morning so that it can then be flung on anyone with a camera or microphone that comes within 100 feet of them during the ensuing day.

Instead, I'd like to talk about the people behind the curtains where the Del Maestros of this world stand and spew.

In other words the malignant 'wizards' who command an army of junior Segrettis so that they can run expedient campaigns wherein they get people to vote for their side by destroying others.

It is that old 'politics of destruction' battle saw that Lee Atwater first started to seriously sharpen thirty years ago.

A battle saw that Karl Rove and Roger Ailes have since filed down into razor blades that they use to regularly slice and dice the American body politic into tiny quivering masses of protoplasm for their propaganda zombies to gnaw upon.

And, in the last few years they have sent both north.

The destructive razors and the prop-zombies both, I mean.


"So what!", you are probably saying at this point.

What does any of this have to do with voter suppression?

Actually, absolutely nothing.

Because the voters that the body politic destroyers want for their side are the ones who can't look at things as they are and make up their own minds about who and what they want to vote for, and/or why.

Instead, they are the folks who vote based on who they have been told to deride and hate while they are simultaneously hoodwinked into worshipping a few fake jingoistic symbols that mean nothing at all, particularly in terms of how they will actually be governed.


Put another way, these wizard/generals are very good at capturing 'low information' voters to put X's beside the names of people like Mr. Del Mastro because they don't know any better.

But therein lies the rub when it comes any data mining that was done to identify any and all voters to 'suppress'.

Because the latter are the opposite of 'low information'.

Instead, they are citizens who are engaged and who have signaled who they want to vote for, not against.

And engaged people do not go quietly into the night when they are screwed over.

Which is why more than 30,000 well-informed people have already contacted Elections Canada about their concerns about attempts to screw them over personally and, I would be willing to bet, even bigger concerns about attempts to screw our entire democratic process over royally.

And those 30,000 Canadians are also the reason why one scapegoat, which I am now seriously starting to think might have been put together as a zombie-goat a year ago (ie. in the spring of 2011) so that it could be flung into the proMedia maw at the drop of a hat when needed, just will not do the trick this time.




KenC said...

Yes, I think you are right about the "zombie-goat" being a set up. The same thing crossed my mind. I also hope you are right that it won't work this time.

Ken Cox

cherylb said...

If it turns out the Tories are involved in this, then Harper, as leader, needs to take responsbility and either resign, or go to jail. I don't care which one frankly. He just needs to leave....

Beijing York said...

Agree about the "zombie goat". I might put RackNine as part of that distraction.

On X-Country Checkup, some low level Conservative campaign guy went on point about the situation in Guelph being very problematic. Back to the one rogue, one riding script.

Anonymous said...

There was election fraud, any which way you look at it. Harper's win is not valid, and we should not condone these robocalls. It's one thing for robocalls to say, vote for me. However, when citizens have been lied to by these calls...That is a whole different ball game.

It's our democracy that is at stake here, and our democracy has been slipping very badly, since Harper's majority.

Kim said...

Ms. Penn has published her own blog on her experience.

I think it's important to note that the RCMP never got back to them.

Do we need an independant, international investigation?

Anonymous said...

A couple of Conservative party hacks complain about the long form census and Harper moves heaven and hell to kill it.

30k+ Canadians state they have been victims of voter fraud, and Harper does nothing?

Nothing when the core of our Democracy is attacked?

Norm Farrell said...

It appears the whole issue is now explained. CPC Member of Parliament Maurice Vellacott tells us that Elections Canada is behind the robocalling.

RossK said...

Ken C at the top of thread--

I hope so too.

I reckon the fact that they are now trying to get traction with all these other cockamamie ideas brought up Norm and the Anon-O-Mice downthread is an indication that they are worried that their zombie-goat is just not enough.

Cheryl--And don't forget, as BYork and others have noted it appears that there also may be more in-and-out associated with this.

BY--It's almost like their writing scripts on spec, hand-over-fist, for SPIKE-TeeVee trying to get even the lowest of low information voters to change the channel for awhile....Heckfire!...I'm surprised they haven't come up with 'Celebrity Karaoke with the Steve' yet.

Anon-Above--There's no fraud like 'target seat management' fraud.....allegedly.

Kim--That's fantastic news...On my way!...Thanks.


Anonymous said...

And in totally unrelated news...

Conservatives end four years of denial, plead guilty to illegal campaign spending

In an agreed statement of facts, the Crown and the party essentially agreed to disagree on exactly how far over the spending limit the Tories went. The Crown said it was almost $1.4 million; the Tories said it was just over $563,000.


As to dropping the charges against the four top Tory officials who actually carried out the in-and-out scheme -- Tory senators Irving Gerstein and Doug Finley and party officers Mike Donison and Susan Kehoe -- Crown prosecutor Richard Roy told reporters that "the public interest does not require that we continue on these charges.''

Christina Montgomery, Vancouver Observer

sue said...

So much for the one riding theory:
TheStar Robo-calls: Elections Canada probing fraudulent calls in Ontario riding of Nipissing-Temiskaming: via @TorontoStar

Here's why the story is very interesting; Alberta Blue Strategies, mentioned in the story.
Run by Matt Gellanis, from the University of Calgary. Who was the organizer for the Anne Coulter's speech at the University of Calgary. Anne Coulter was introduced at that speech by...Ezra Levant.

What a coincidence, eh?

Ian said...

There's an interesting poll over on the Angus Reid site. This story is having real impact, which relieves me.

And my buddy John Horgan says you're a mean lacrosse player.

RossK said...

Thanks Ian...

Post comin'....

And as for that sum-bitch Horgan - it would appear that the secret is out.


lenin's ghost said...

It seems time for an independent police force to investigate these issues.
To note, that I told my better half that I don't recall receiving any election canada robocalls but she believes that we received 3 of them.
I'm not surprised and even proud to be on their evil list, as in my real world they surely consider me a baby killing commie.....poopheads!