Tuesday, March 06, 2012

How The World Is Supposed To Work


Norm Farrell captured an important tribute to BC Mary today:

Today in British Columbia's Legislative Assembly, Leonard Krog, Opposition Critic For The Attorney General, said this:
"I rise today to ask the House to pay its respects to the passing of one of British Columbia's most courageous citizen journalists, a woman who was a harsh critic of the B.C. government, particularly around the sale of B.C. Rail, and also critical of yours truly, in the role that I played in criticizing the government. She was a well-known blogger. A defender of democracy, she feared no power. I'd ask the House to pay its respect to the passing of B.C. Mary — Mary Mackie."


How could Mr. Krog, who more than once heard Mary call out his name, still take the time to make such a gracious and fitting tribute to her?


Like I said yesterday, even when you didn't agree with her, you could never hold anything against Mary because both her aim and her heart were always true.



Beijing York said...

I'm so very sorry for your loss, Ross.

I didn't follow BC Mary but from the tributes, including one in the Legislative Assembly, she was an amazing citizen journalist and friend to so many bloggers that I follow and respect.

The tributes you linked to are very beautiful.

RossK said...


She was an amazing woman and we're working to keep her site goin' and goin'.


bLady said...

Thanks Ross...the blog needs to be kept up...cause it has ALL the info one needs to keep pushing in Mary's name.
I know I will still be going to it to read and re-read.