Monday, December 01, 2014

This Day In Clarkland...The Playbook.


Remember back in ancient times (i.e. before the last election) when Ms. Clark was running around telling limp dick jokes at campaign events for laughs and kibbitzing with schlock jocks about Mr. Skin, wardrobes, and strip poker in the legislature and such.

And on that latter point, no, I'm not talking about the so-called milferious ambush by a then unknown schlocker from Courtenay who has since kinda/sorta taken over Dan Russell's slot on Corus' (no longer) flagship, barely even terrestrial anymore (in terms of ratings at least), radio station.

Instead, I'm talking about stuff like this with morning zoo folks at CFOX:

Jeff O'Neil: Is it nicer to be in this studio than (that of CKNW's) Bill Good's?

Christy Clark: (Pauses)....You're better looking.


JO: Is security outside, by the way?

CC: I'm not telling. You could have a gun aimed at your head...Even as we speak.


(After a whole lot of discussion about Ms. Clark's appearance and wardrobe choice for that day which she, in her own words, describes as 'kind of a Dianne Watts look'...)

'Scotty': What did you do last night for fun?

CC: (Preamble about having to get to bed early so she could get up to take her son to hockey practice in the morning)....I watched half of the first show of 'Game of Thrones'.

JO: You're just starting it now?

CC: Well, ya. I read all the books! Somebody gave me one of the books, like, three years ago. And I started reading it last year. And then I couldn't stop. I had to get to the...

JO: It's a good show.

CC: Ya!

Scotty: There's a lot of nudity in it.

CC: Holy....Smokes.

'Karen': That's why people love it so much.

CC: 'Mr. Skin' is gonna be busy, huh?

(Much shock jock laughter)...

And then, of course, while this kind of stuff was going on, there was also a Clarklandian operative working the refs online and garnering big proMedia attention about how put upon Ms. Clark was, not because of her performance or the things she says and does, but rather because of her gender.

Laila Yuile dealt with that operative here.

Anyway, coming back to not so ancient times....

In lieu of actually spending any real time in the legislature the past few weeks Ms. Clark instead went to the VSun and told the fine folks there the following, at least according to Rob Shaw:

Premier Christy Clark says her gender might have something to do with the dismissive tone she heard from Opposition leader John Horgan and other New Democrats in the fall session of the B.C. legislature.

Clark raised the issue in a year-end interview with The Vancouver Sun when asked if Horgan and the NDP underestimated her abilities as leader.

“I think that the NDP, some of the members of the NDP, do have a tendency to see women differently from men,” she said.

“It’s something women experience all over the place. Any woman watching this will be going, ‘Uh huh, I’ve felt that.’ So I think I experience a little bit of that from John Horgan, and Adrian Dix, as well.”

The premier did not cite any specific examples...

And Mr. Shaw's follow-up to this non-supported claim by the premier of British Columbia that he wrote about and that his newspaper ran under the heading "Christy Clark suggests Opposition dismissive tone is because she is a woman"?

Well, here it is:

...There did not appear to be any overt sexist comments made by Horgan or NDP MLAs during the legislative session, which concluded Thursday.

The New Democrats — including female MLAs — frequently characterized Clark as more interested in photo ops than governing, of only acting when the television cameras were present, and of saying one thing publicly and then doing another.

Other NDP MLAs, including women, variously described the Clark government’s “cheerleading” of LNG, a throne speech that was “a bunch of fluff,” and LNG promises being similar to “unicorns and butterflies and flowers and fairies.”...


Calling out Ms. Clark for her reliance and penchant, in the extreme, on the use of photo-ops, cheerleading and fluff as substitutes for actual governance.

If that stuff is gender-specific perhaps someone should tell George Bush the younger.


Given Ms. Clark's lack of specific examples to back her claim, one can only wonder why Mr. Shaw, instead of teasing them with gender-neutral examples, didn't just ask his readers to try and figure out when, exactly, the members of the Opposition stopped kicking their dogs?

Or worse.




Anonymous said...

Once she leaves the safety of her written scripts... she exposes herself to the fact she is not very bright. I'm wondering if her so-called team of Liberals is still behind her 100%........I read that Moira Stilwell was not part of a recent desk thumping when Clark stood up to defend Amrik Virk. Is Moira part of a growing dislike for Ms. Photo op ?

Guy in Victoria

Anonymous said...

Hey Ross... I wish I had read this earlier. I would have included it in my last comment. Can you imagine these grade 6 students preparing themselves for jobs in the LNG industry. I wonder how many went home & said... Mom I want to be a pipefitter because Christy Clark say's it's cool....

( )

Guy in Victoria

Unknown said...

What our vacuous Premier doesn't seem to get is that incompetence, arrogance and lack of credibility transcends sexuality. She always deals the sex card or the single mom card when she feels threatened. At all other times it's OK with her to be one with the shock jocks. Yes, I don't think she and Moira exchange Christmas cards

Anonymous said...

It's not that she's a woman...
Her level of leadership and ideas for governance are an embarrassment to this woman.

the salamander said...

.. are you suggesting Christy Clark is Prime Ministerial material? She seems the intellectual equal to Stephen Harper.. which is a bit of an impediment but appears to have real hair .. seems celibate.. a lot like Jason Kenney. Does she have some sort of ignorant Base with 5$ to spare twice a week? Are the red Chinese blackmailing or bankrolling her?

Anonymous said...

Keith Balderdash on global to-night made me want to loose supper with his spin on on her garbage his wife must make good bucks thanks to This no mind poor sexcuse of a premier.

Anonymous said...


Worth a repost:

Lew said...

Christy Clark is quoted in the Vancouver Sun article saying, “And you see them really struggling in question period, trying to find some relevance, and who is it that stands up with relevant, principled, thoughtful questions, most of which I disagree with? Andrew Weaver from the Green party.”

So our illustrious premier disagrees with relevant, principled, and thoughtful questions. No wonder she doesn’t provide relevant, principled, and thoughtful answers.

Mr. Shaw says, “Several observers remarked during the session that New Democrats seemed to underestimate Clark, including during question period last week when she openly mocked an NDP line of questioning into the ethnic outreach scandal…”

I wonder why Mr. Shaw wouldn’t name the “observers” and state what answers the Sun received from her on its line of questioning into the ethnic outreach scandal? Did she mock them too? She must have; the Sun received no more answers than the NDP. But at least the NDP bothered to ask.

Anonymous said...

Lew quotes Clark: “And you see them really struggling in question period, trying to find some relevance, and who is it that stands up with relevant, principled, thoughtful questions, most of which I disagree with? Andrew Weaver from the Green party.”

Ya know, Christy loves her farm teamers: following comment posted on David Akin's blog:

James KIng says:
December 14, 2012 at 1:33 pm

David, Andrew Weaver’s credibility as an honest interlocutor ended for me in the run up to the last provincial election when Mr Weaver recorded a message which was robo-called to voters in Carole James’s Victoria riding urging them to get out to vote Carole James out of office and support (not the Green candidate) but the BC Liberal candidate…a 25 year old UVic student called Dallas Henault who, to call him a political neophyte, would be unfair to neophytes.
I got one of those calls and it convinced me at that time that, however committed I might be to addressing global warming, I wouldn’t be relying on Mr Weaver’s ‘political’ advice or acumen for anything from that time forward. Going from urging voters to re-elect Gordon Campbell’s BC Liberals to suggesting he’d be an honest broker (or potential star candidate) for the Green cause and making up stories about Michael Byers and the NDP isn’t such a great stretch for those of us who’ve watched Mr Weaver in action here in the provincial capital for years. He’s a shameless opportunist with no credibility whatever.

Anonymous said...

re 7:14 sheesh! SH got lost in the edit