Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Is CremeVille The Tail That Is (Super Secretly) Wagging The BC Liberal Dog?


A while back we wondered why, exactly, the good Mr. Wilkinson and his compatriots aren't going all in to overtly* back the fine folks on the western most edge of Lotusland in their revolt against being asked to pay their fair share on their massive creme-laden, dirt-driven investment windfall.


Turns out we had missed the following from Jesse Ferraras at Global News:

Most BC Liberal voters are on board with housing measures introduced by the BC NDP government — including the additional school tax, which has been a focal point of the Liberal Party’s time in opposition.

That’s what it said in a poll released by Research Co. on Tuesday. It showed that most respondents in British Columbia were in favour of housing measures including an increase in the foreign buyers’ tax, the yet-to-be-implemented speculation tax as well as the new school tax...

{snippety doodle dandy}

...Over three-quarters of respondents who identified as BC Liberal voters (77 per cent) approved of increasing the foreign buyers’ tax from 15 per cent to 20 per cent.

Meanwhile, 65 per cent of these voters supported expanding the foreign buyers’ tax outside Metro Vancouver.

The poll also found majority support (60 per cent) among BC Liberal voters for the additional school tax of 0.2 per cent on homes worth $3 million to $4 million, and 0.4 per cent of the portion of a home’s value above $4 million...


Rank and file BC Liberal identifiers like the fact that David Eby is asking the windfall guzzlers who walk among them to pay a little more to help everyone?

Would-a thunk it!

*With party-branded signs and more!



Lew said...

All politics is local.

e.a.f. said...

Nice stats!

most likely that is why Wilkinson only had the demo in Eby's riding, and I expect they fear him most, being the A.G. and all and all that money laundering good stuff.

It would have been ever so interesting to know who the "protestors" were in Wilkinson little event> Was it rent a crowd? were they voters from Eby's riding or from elsewhere.

davemj said...

Trump, Ford, Harper, WEAVER sneering Arbutus club Golden sneering Mr Nasty BULLSHITER no difference with these guys.