Saturday, June 09, 2018

Revolt(ing) In West Vancouver...The Progressive Tax Upside Down Cake.


The North Shore News sent Jeremy Shepherd to cover that recent 'Tax the gold dirt' town hall in West Vancouver.

And, of course, the sound-bite that is getting all the attention is the one from the very fine real estate fellow who garnered cheers from the crowd when he (allegedly) got carried away and called for the summary execution of current government members.

But the bit I found most bizarre was the following:

...The taxes will have a “trickle-down effect” on baristas and recent university graduates, (West Van Chamber of Commerce Chairwoman Gabrielle) Loren predicted.

“Employers are no longer going to give the raises that they used to,” she said...

Which would mean nothing if it was just some one off.

Instead, however, I'm pretty sure we'll see Mr. Loren, or some other reasonable facsimile thereof, on a supper hour news show spouting this nonsense, and being taken seriously, any day now.

If you get my drift.




e.a.f. said...

the only raises the staff were receiving were the raises mandated when the min. wage in the province were raised. who is this entitled idiot think they are? If the news media plays this and of course they will, any one who buys in, needs their heads examined. Min. wage workers don't really get raises in this province. O.K. perhaps 45 cents an hr. after a year, if anyone stays that long. Most people in the service industry, rely on tips for more income and second jobs.

David E said...

Very interesting that West Van has one of the highest rates of low income households in Metro Vancouver.

Not paying taxes because of hiding income from abroad? Maybe they should make it up by paying more taxes on their real estate.