Monday, June 11, 2018

Who Could Possibly Mediate US-Canada Peace Talks?


Who could act as the go-between in very bigly de-escalation talks between the orange mullet and the socks guy?

The New Yorker's resident political snarkoleptic, Andy Borowitz, has a heck of an idea:

SINGAPORE (The Borowitz Report)—One day before his summit with Donald J. Trump, the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un, has offered to host peace talks between the United States and Canada.

Speaking to reporters at his hotel in Singapore, Kim said that the rising tensions between the North American neighbors were posing an “intolerable threat to world peace.”

In addition to offering to host U.S.-Canada talks in Pyongyang, Kim urged the immediate creation of a demilitarized zone along the border separating the two hostile nations....

Sure, in reality, this suggestion sounds crazy on its face.

But have you heard the 'real' news lately?



e.a.f. said...

sounds like a plan to me. dumpster is pissed because Trudeau refuses to dismantle our supply side management of diary. Wisconsin wants to export their diary products to Canada but the tariffs are prohibitive. I'm good with our system and we ought not to import American Dairy and Eggs. If the Americans are all about America first then they ought to understand we're all about Canada first. I buy local and that includes the cheese from Vancouver Island. I don't want American diary and egg products here. we need to employ our own farmers. Trump can go fxxk himself.

He thinks by putting pressure on our other products Canada will abandon our farmers. Not me. any how once he has concession on diary and eggs he will want other concessions. bullies never stop and we can just out wait the ugly orange oaf. Kim 3 I understand where he is coming from/ dumpster not so much beyond there is something mentally wrong with the boy.

Anonymous said...

Get Dennis Rodman right on it.?

RossK said...


Rumour has it that Mr. Rodman will be the chief of shuttle diplomacy....Kind of like, say, a North Korean Kissinger in crazy quilt clothing.