Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Redemption Song...But Not The Bob Marley Tune.


Most folks who go into jail with nothing don't come out the other side with a song for the ages.

That was not the case for Jerry Jeff Walker, the guy who wrote Mr. Bojangles behind bars.

Todd Snider tells the story in the clip below.

Then, after the story is done, the real magic ensues...

Subheader?...A digression in Mr. Snider's story that is a real kicker - click on it!
How'd I stumble onto this one?....Blame the guy playing the guitar on the left and the woman who saved his life on the right...That bit is explained (kinda/sorta)....Here.



zoombats said...

had to go and put on "Riding High". Nice video and what a treat to have been there.

RossK said...


You got me there...


Glen Clark said...

One of the very best concerts I have ever been to was at the Commodore in the late 1970's. Jerry Jeff was pretty hammered (as was the whole crowd come to think of it). The atmosphere was terrific! I have been a bit disappointed in Jerry Jeff as he worked the corporate circuit for a decade or so. Seemed so far removed from attitude of his earlier self (course some might say that about me! :)
my personal favourite:

RossK said...


Some might say that about thee and me and all of we!