Saturday, June 09, 2018

Laila Has Left The Building.


It was hard not to notice that Laila Yuile was spending less time blogging over the last year or so.


It turns out that now she has decided to call it quits for good:

After so many months of not blogging, it feels weird to be even drafting a new post-it doesn’t flow smoothly and after several attempts this is how I’ll just start: a response to an email….

“Hey Laila, why don’t you blog anymore?

Because I’m tired…tired of preaching to the choir.

Because I still believe that in politics its important to do what is right…not just what’s politically expedient ( hey Trudeau, that includes you- you never mentioned real change only referred to your socks..)

Because that isn’t what’s happening right now.

Because I see too many on the left still willing to turn a blind eye to the failings of their own parties-we expect it from the right,show how you are different.

Because that last reason is exactly how and why the BC Libs became so arrogant and corrupt...


...Because I feel like after a decade of blogging and columns I couldn’t make a dent in the adversarial, toxicly partisan nature of politics that makes people tune out and not vote.

Because most people still fail to understand their vote is tremendously powerful and the only way to stop the Trumps & Fords of this world.

Because it isn’t that I stopped caring,but cared so much about all of this that it made me sick.

Because everyone has a limit…and I finally reached mine…

Laila will be greatly missed.

And she should never, ever think that she didn't both raise the level of discourse and move the needle significantly in #BCPoli.

Because she did, big time.


One of my favourite battling Laila stories from the salad days of RailGate, which also included her then partner in crime-stopping GAB, can be found...Here.



West End Bob said...

Laila and GAB . . . . Two of the Good'Uns, RossK.

Sorely missed, for sure . . . .

RossK said...

You bet Bob!

GAB does pop up 'round here every once in a while.


e.a.f. said...

I will miss Laila's posts. She did however, move to Vancouver Island and that can put a whole new spin on your life and a new outlook. I wish her well in her future. She did a lot of very good work with her writing and did make a difference.

RossK said...


Agreed. On all counts.


Lew said...

RossK on August 21, 2009:

“Is it any wonder that the public of British Columbia is not paying attention to this story given the egregious lack of in-depth coverage of it by the Lotuslandian proMedia?

**And I also ask Vaughn Palmer, and Keith Baldrey and Bill Good, who insist on calling members of the public who actually pay attention to this stuff 'cultists' who just make stuff up exactly the same question.”


Bill Good on May 26, 2018 when asked if he has an opinion on the legality of the deal to end the BC Rail trial:

“Actually I don’t have to have one. You obviously do. I believe two people pleaded guilty. I never covered the trial. I haven’t thought about the case for years.”

There you have it. Long time coming, but the CKNW radio marquee morning show host throughout the trial and its aftermath finally admits he never covered the trial, and couldn’t care less that the government has very likely perverted justice.


Meanwhile the current CKNW marquee morning radio show host (on CKNW air and payroll in another slot throughout) is running so scared from questions about the trial he won’t even acknowledge receipt of written questions about it, let alone grace us with a yes or no opinion about the legality of the secret government deal to end it. There’s a name for that behaviour that starts with “c” and it isn’t cultist. CKNW and Global must be proud.


Laila on June 089, 2018:

“…Because it isn’t that I stopped caring, but cared so much about all of this that it made me sick.
Because everyone has a limit…and I finally reached mine…”


Bravo Laila, and thank you for all you’ve done and endured for all the right reasons. You stand in stark contrast to certain “journalists” who should, but do not …care.

John's Aghast said...

My condolences to Laila. It was a thankless job, appreciated by a few but largely ignored by the masses. You are still my hero dear lady!