Thursday, June 14, 2018

The Keef Report...Credit Where Credit Is Due.


I find it most interesting, but not at all surprising, that the usual suspects on the local sportstalk radio stations* are bleating the loudest about how it is a travesty that we are not planning to shovel small mountains of money into FIFA's jaundiced gullet just so we can have the chance to pay even more money to watch, say, Paraguay play Iceland in 2026.

But imagine my surprise when I stumbled across the following...

Imagine that!

*As you may have guessed (or remembered), at least two of said suspects got in early and often on the shill campaign for the 600 million dollar magic carpet that now 'crowns' BC Place stadium....You know, that bit of fabric that later turned out to be a deal breaker for the BCL-connected crony representing the fine folks from Vegas who subsequently got even more of sweetheart deal from the former BCL government.
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Lulymay said...

Michael Smith had an equally "eyes wide open" column in today's Province articulating how even the starting costs could spiral out of control. Good on the BC Govt for deciding the taxpayers didn't need this aggravation (no matter how much we love soccer) and good on Smith and Baldrey for recognizing the same.

Just goes to show they can recognize the difference between ridiculous and the really really ridiculous.

Lew said...

I suppose 1 out of 665,632,421,347,245,452,768 is better than 0, but that sort of batting average should still keep Keef in the dugout. I’ve seen too many cases where he didn’t let a silly thing like a business case enter into his BC Liberal water carrying. Just think of his stance on Site C for example in the context of the first two sentences of his tweet.

It’s also just possible he’s sensitive for some reason to the inevitable rug jokes that would arise if he had to cover the covering of the BC Place carpet with natural grass.

RossK said...

Thanks Lulymay!

Re: being able to make the call between ridiculous and really ridiculous...I wonder if a contributing factor in this particular case is the fact that there is little or no insider access protection issues to worry about, locally, when it comes to FIFA. Or, put another way, there are no concerns about loosing a scoop (or, say, a year end interview) if you diss them in the public prints and/or airwaves.


RossK said...


Think the insider access protection program applies to your points as well.


Sub-Boreal said...

Such acknowledgements of the government's prudence need to happen ever year or so, just to inoculate the journos against any allegations of bias.

RossK said...


Based on overall past performance it's pretty hard to argue with your point.