Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Local Talkshow Host....Know Thine Audience!


Or not.

'Nuff said?



Lew said...

As Rafe used to say, "This is where we act surprised."

Lot of that going on these days.

Bruce mitchell said...

The fruits of attacks on education come home to roost ..... roosting fruits!

RossK said...


And it is all acting being played straight-up for the suckers.

Which, of course, is what is so worrisome.



The most bitter of fruits, those roosting fruits!


e.a.f. said...

Lew, thanks for the reminder of some of Rafe's good lines.

We ought not to be surprised. Montreal Simons, on his blog has a post up about the racists who were involved in the Quebec b-election. Turns out Scheer had some help from a town councillor who belongs to a racist Motorcycle club.

I think racists are everywhere. we in Canada tend to be a little more polite about our racism, but as Steele pointed out perhaps not so much anymore. '

bunch of wack jobs.

motorcycleguy said...

I followed The Tweeter on this thread. Down at the bottom somewhere someone brought up names of advertisers on her program. Drex had answered (I paraphrase) "that is how the programs get paid for that you listen to for free". I would like to make it clear that I pay more by way of donation and/or monthly support to several blog sites and on-line publications than I used to for subscriptions to conventional newspapers...."news" being used loosely here. That appliance store that brings us the weather on CKNW has lost a lot of sales from me, went elsewhere on purpose.

I've read of Ms. Steele lamenting at length about loss of media jobs. Tough. Ms. Steele and the company she keeps have brought it on themselves with such a lack of investigative reporting, or when they do report, it is what nincompoop bloggers have talked about years earlier (when action could have been taken by way of having an informed public). "This is where we act surprised"

Just like Gillian Shaw jumped at the chance to get paid to teach the IPP industry how to deal with people like us who are "e-savvy stakeholders who can be your worst nightmare". Deborah Hope did a long segment on how the Olympics were being powered by "green run of river" when in fact the river was frozen and did not produce any electricity until long after the Olympics were over.

Google "trillion dollar BC" and Pamela Martin is the second entry. Have I mentioned Jas Johal or Steve Darling or even Christy Clark? CKNW and its owners are nothing but a farm team for the people that got BC into the mess it is in for us regular folk.

Get a real job that adds value to goods I say, or start following the RTDNA Journalism Code of Ethics......or......keep doing what you are doing but don't ever project yourselves as "on your side".

You got the audience you deserve. Probably doesn't really matter to you anyways, that audience buys appliances too.

RossK said...


As mcg points out in his most excellent rant, it is also the specific audience that this particular a.m. radio station courts that is the issue.

And, just to add another log to the bonfire, what exactly, should the good Ms. Steele expect when her fine radio station has a reactionary like the good Mr. Bruce Allen dumping bilious bile into the ears of her 'listeners' three times a day before they even get to Charles Addler's three hour evening slot?

Longtime reader Westend Bob and I opted out some time ago...


dan said...

I like having Bruce around. he is an example of something you would never want to become.

RossK said...


Ya, but....

You can recognize bilious bile for what it is.

What about all those fine folks who think it is some kind of bubbling black nectar of the capitalist gods?


dan said...

"What about all those fine folks who think it is some kind of bubbling black nectar of the capitalist gods?"

Nonredeemable humans allows themselves to be led by others.

This removes their own decision making responsibility as someone else tells them how to live and what to think.

Re, Bruce A there is a LOT I could tell you going back to pre-Adams and pre-Lover Boy days.....

Lew said...

"Reality Check" is a misnomer. Resident Redneck would be more apt.