Friday, December 03, 2004

Stockwell's Daze

No Peace in the Arch, Fortress North America
49° 00' North; 122° 46' West

Apparently, it was the Christian thing to do.

"Stockwell Day is pointing to a report that Yasser Arafat may have had AIDS in explaining why he didn't send condolences on the death of the PLO leader."

Shunning on the basis of politics, policy, tactics or corruption is one thing, but doing it because somebody is sick is quite another matter.

But maybe we're being too hard on the aging stockboy. After all, it looks like he may have been targetted for toolness by the Re-Thug slime and defend machine.

The twist in the story this time around is the fact that the slime was first generated by our very own David Frum when he wrote this:

The world media's astonishing lack of curiosity about the nature of the disease for which he sought treatment in France........These symptoms sound remarkably AIDS-like, don't they?''

All of which suggests that the prince of darkness himself, Richard Perle, is out there somewhere, lurking just behind the American Enterprise Institute curtain scraping the goo off his hands....
Update: Right on schedule, the defend portion of the strategy has begun.

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