Saturday, August 06, 2005

Defusing The Google Bomb


There is absolutely no insight in this post.

In fact, what we are going to say below is, if possible, even more obvious than the most half-baked Gary Mason column.

But it has to be said if only to ward off all those people (could it only be one, from multiple ISPs, operating systems and browsers?) that keep bombing us using 'Erin Airton' as the search term.


Yesterday, after she was cornered like a rat on a sinking ship by both Mr. Schrek and Mr. Mair on the Terasen issue, Ms. Airton executed a perfect double reverse spin-o-rama from the piked position by saying that Canadians don't have the 'guts' to do to an American what the Americans are doing to Marc Emery. The double came when she turned back this deranged argument on itself to imply that no Canadian company had the guts to buy Terasen.

While Schrek and Mair moved on, we believe that calling us, the Canuckistani People, gutless is a scurrilous charge that cannot go unchallenged.

To whit:

Was it gutless when we went to Afganistan to fight the real terrorists?

Was it gutless when we did not go to Iraq to kill people that were not?

Was it gutless to say no to a thoroughly offensive missile defense program?

Was it gutless when we had the guts to pass a same sex marriage law?

Are we gutless because we still protect our pension funds?

Are we gutless because we can still go to any hospital in the country?

Are we gutless because we still have a social safety net?

Are we gutless because we still have (a few) public institutions that serve the public?

Are you gutless because you espouse a quisling's position on BC Hydro privatization that is apparently directly antithetical to your own?


We now return this blog to its regularly scheduled attempts to illustrate the non-obvious.

Thank-you, and goddess bless the Revello during these hottest of the hot days.


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