Sunday, August 21, 2005

When Darkness Falls


Well, it looks like Vancouver resident and former Hollinger bean counter David Radler just might be getting ready to rat out his old buddy Conrad Black:

"A longtime business partner of the former press baron Conrad M. Black was indicted on fraud charges yesterday and - in what may be bad news for Lord Black - has agreed to plead guilty and cooperate in the investigation."

All of which is interesting, and important, in and of itself.

But on top of all the ins and outs, not to mention the hand wringing about whatever will become of Ms. Amiel's jewellery, we also found this little tidbit about the case to be extremely interesting.

"Patrick Fitzgerald, the United States attorney in Chicago, said at a news conference that the investigation into the former controlling shareholders of Hollinger International was continuing. Mr. Fitzgerald declined to say whether charges would be filed against Lord Black."

Not the business about the charges, because that part hardly matters at the moment.

Instead, what caught our eye was the name of the prosecutor.

That's right, Patrick Fitzgerald, the same guy who is working on the Valerie Plame case.

Now, you might say this is all just a coincidence of geography (ie. both cases are being prosecuted in Chicago).

Except for one thing.

The proximity of many of the principles in both cases to this 'Prince' of a guy.


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