Saturday, July 25, 2009

Shona Holmes Re-Visited....First Jumps Queue...Then Attacks System....Now Wants Us To Pay???!!!


Welcome to all of our American friends arriving from Firedoglake, Stratosphere and Political Carnival.....By all means have a gander at what I've written below about one of the Wizards Of Wingnuttia's latest shills...But for a deep, fair, and truly balanced look at all that's mostly good about about the Canadian Healthcare system, written by someone who now lives in the States, please check this out as well.




That's right.

Ms. Holmes, who you may recall, fled Canada to have a benign cyst removed immediately in the United States.

Presumably, she did this because she didn't want to have to wait in line behind people with malignant tumours who required surgery right away North of the 49th parallel.

Which is all fine and good - if somebody wants to go elsewhere and pay big bucks for whatever, that's fine by me.

Except for two things.

First, Ms. Holmes has since become an obfuscatory shill for the Wizards of Wingnuttia down south.


Second, she's been trying to get us to pick up the $97,000 (US) tab it cost for her to do her queue jumping.

Oh, and just so you know, The Wizzo-Wing's have been making an issue of that as well.

Do these people have no sense of decency whatsoever?

And don't you dare think that the Wizzos aren't workin' the refs on this one up here in the Great White North as well...... Pale, of ACR fame, has that story.
JJ, as only she can, also has this one nailed to the wall, but good.
Something else that I've been wondering about.....Given that the condition that Ms. Holmes was afflicted with arises before birth, doesn't that mean she had a 'pre-existing condition'?.....And don't folks with 'pre-existing' conditions sometimes and/or often have difficulties getting/keeping private health insurance.....Not being particularly well-informed on this matter (yet), I've asked the denizens of Firedoglake for their thoughts.


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