Monday, January 15, 2018

The First Rule Of Klout Klub...When In Doubt Distort.


Mr. Marissen, backing his latest horse on the Twittmachine, pointed towards a PostMedia story by Rob Shaw yesterday:

Only one problem for those actually paying attention, of course....

Which is the fact that Mr. Shaw's piece, which starts out with 'news' from the Lee camp, does not say anything whatsoever about sign-ups broadening BC Liberal support

Quite the contrary actually:

...Other (BC Liberal leadership) campaigns don’t dispute that Lee has signed up the most members — potentially as many as 10,000. But whether bulk sign-ups are the key to winning the race is unclear. The party has created additional security steps designed to curtail the mass collection of personal identification numbers and bulk voting. That may make it more important to have a smaller amount of motivated members who follow through and vote.

The geographic location of members will also be crucial to candidates, given the Liberal party’s weighted vote system in which each riding has 100 points up for grabs. The system rewards candidates who gather support across the province, particularly in rural ridings. A candidate who secures just a few dozen members to win a less-populated riding like North Island, could get the same 100 points as a candidate who signs up thousands of new members to win a heavily-populated riding in Surrey...

Imagine that!



Lew said...

Apparently Schrödinger’s cat survived to breed. A lot.

At least his was alive when he put it in the box.

Willy said...

It reminds me of the double flusher. You got a few lumps down, but there's still a bunch of turds floating at the top.

e.a.f. said...

he cAn sign them up all he likes, but if they don't vote or its difficult to vote for them, he still looses.

Markie is dreaming. Guess Watts isn't turning out like they thought she would.

looks like it might be a do over when Christy "won".