Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Even The Winners Get Unlucky Sometimes.


From Mr. Pointy's latest rant against all things Horgan in Business In Vancouver:

...The school tax will be remembered as a class-conscious measure to vilify those who stand one day to benefit from years, even decades, of real estate asset appreciation. The homeowners are mostly longtime residents who had the foresight, but mostly the luck, to be in the right place at the right time. For that truly good fortune, the government has kicked them in the slats and mocked their protests...

Now, just so that you don't misunderstand the intention here, the following is the header over Mr. Lapointe's purplish (allnew!)NPA-type prosidy:

'Premier presiding over a corrosive new lesson in class warfare'


Who knew that progressively replacing things like a ballooning GordCo/Clarklandian regressive tax that ultimately brought in more money than all resource extraction initiatives combined would melt titanium.


Put another way by Rod Mickelburgh:

All of which just goes to show that Warren Buffett was right.


Header causing slightly fuzzy lyrically upside down earworm cake?...This!



Lew said...

BC Liberal MLA Laurie Throness gave NDP MLA David Eby some advice in the Legislature a couple of years ago. He suggested Eby should move to Hope, Agassiz, or Harrison Hot Springs if he finds Vancouver too expensive. “No one has a God-given right to live in a particular place. We all have to tailor our expectations to our income,” he declared.

Not all, Laurie. Just those who aren’t already in that “particular place” called Vancouver. The lucky already there can defer the tax. The rich already there or wanting to be there can pay the tax. It’s all others that need to get tailoring.

That’s the class Mr. Lapointe calls, “an aching, home-seeking, struggling cohort”. The class on the other side in his war.

RossK said...

'Pointy's War'...

Would be the title for a most interesting documentary.

Somehow, I don't think the protagonist will come out looking like P Owen did in the wake of that Nettie Wild doc after he made concrete moves to help a group of Lotuslandians that needed our help most.

Then again, maybe that's the point for a guy who might still have his eye on the NPA's big prize.


e.a.f. said...

Couldn't stop laughing when I read "pointy's" comments. Really, class warfare? Taxing home owners in multi million dollar homes is class warfare, then all taxing of multi million dollar "investments" could be considered class warfare and to avoid that, we ought not to tax anyone who has multi million dollar assets. O.K. there Pointy, works for the millionaires of your group........given they ought not to pay taxes, then the ought not to benefit from the things taxes provide, like fire, police, health care, etc.

What is so amusing about this is a great many homes in the category to be taxed aren't even owned by people who live in this country. Have a look at how many multi million dollar homes in some areas sit empty, owned by foreigners. As to those who live here, well they all benefit from the services taxes provide and taxes are usually paid on the basis of income, be it salary, investments, ill gotten gains, etc. Tax the rich Oh, no that is so class warfare. Pointy better get a grip. He most likely is going to run for Mayor. He lives outside of Vancouver but this time there will be some one from Squamish running also. Both ought to be disqualified. Don't live in Vancouver, you ought not to be able to run for public office in Vancouver.