Monday, May 10, 2021

Pushing Olympic Tin...First Came The Flack, Then Came The Hackery.


As noted previously, Vancouver 2010's man about town popped up out of nowhere the week before last and got the local media wurlitzer cranking with this:

...A 2030 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games that encompasses more of B.C. than the Lower Mainland and a ski resort town will be part of John Furlong's pitch to the Vancouver Board of Trade on Friday...


..."B.C. is not small. This is Germany, France and England combined. It's a very big area," Furlong said...


And then, on Friday last the wurlitzer shifted to overdrive when the following fuel was tossed into its boiler:

Vancouver, BC — Following a Vancouver Board of Trade event where John Furlong presented the merits of an Olympic bid for the 2030 games, a new Insights West poll shows that public support for this initiative sits at a healthy 55%...

You think that's something?

Well, just wait for the push:

...that level of support increases dramatically to 77% if the games could be held without requiring any public money...


Legacies Now!...Forever and ever, for free, indeed.

What's next, Senator Da Vinci scream-riding down a hastily constructed half-pipe as the set-up to a spectacular big-media splashdown in False Creek in front of the OVillage next weekend?

No word
 in either the Insights West press release thingy or the Vancouver Sun (non) story that 'reported' on the release who, if anyone, commissioned the poll...Interestingly, however, both mention the Vancouver Board of Trade prominently.



Anonymous said...

And when and who will go over 2010 olympic finances in 2025?
oops there gone?

tf said...

I say No to the Olympics until the financial reports for the previous games are made public.
That's the line.
Thanks for your blogging - congrats on the lovely new puppy:)

NVG said...

I'd have a little bit more faith in John's capabilities IF he had married once, rather than five times, over the course of 50 years (1970).

One Olympic, orchestrated by John, is enough to last a life-time

Anonymous said...

Of course Furlong's reputation out of the abuse allegations remains untarnished and his own rehab now complete. So what better time to pitch the BC wide Olympics bid? Heck, why not appoint him to be the new Covid pandemic spokes box? He of course, really ought to just disappear from public view and never be heard from again, but manages to nudge his way into the newscyle. BC Waterboy

Danneau said...

Whole IOC and associated superstructure need to go the way of the dodo. Olympic movement:


Anonymous said...

I consider John furlong, not just being toxic, but radio active!

That anyone would listen to him just shows how sketchy this Olympic pitch is.

Anonymous said...

And as Tokyo is dealing with C19 maybe down the road we would have a variant?

Graham said...

I have to say that I do not want the Olympics here again. It is difficult for me to say that as I love, love, love them. I love the events, summer and winter, I love the sportsmanship, I love the tournament style structure, quick and ruthless.
As I have most winters for a long time I was working part time at Hollyburn cross country next to Cypress bowl. Did you know the Canadian forces set up a base at Hollyburn? Up the hill by the Upper Warming Hut. For a couple weeks before we shut down for the events they could be seen marching around our ski trails. Once I asked why they had no guns and they replied that those would come after we were gone.
It was the close up look at the Olympics during that period that turned me off. The way the IOC bullied local businesses, not many, that somehow had an Olympic reference in their name. Most of those had been around for decades and were not trying to cash in on the games.
As well the government of the day seemed to play fast and loose with the costs and benefits of hosting the games.
We took a holiday during the games and went for a ski trip to Nelson and Revelstoke. Like most we watched the events on tv.
Somehow it feels like the Olympics has lost its way and isn’t the same as when I was a kid. It’s possible that it’s just me becoming more aware. I do wish it could go back to the pure sport of it all and the friendly but full out competition.

e.a.f. said...

guess furlong wants another swipe at the public trough. its time the boy got a real job and not at the public trough.
don't want them in Canada period. it costs too much. just the security is very very expensive

it is funny though that furlong thought it would be a good idea to hold the Os. in BC in 2030. that guy is some where in white priviledge world. does that idiot not understand this province and this country will still be paying for the covid pandemic and all the money needed to support families, business, etc. don't recall how much it cost for the last Os. but it was a huge amount.

the Os are not done with out government funding so they are out. we have homelessness everywhere in this province. we have as many dying from drug over doses as we do covid. ya lets have the Os. in b.c.

I'd suggest Johnny and el gordo need jobs and they thing they can fool us again. to quote Dave Barrett, fool me once shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me. NO Os.