Tuesday, October 19, 2021

The (Most) Extreme 'Moderate' (Of Them All).


Awhile back we wondered if the good Mr. Manchin's posturing on shrinking the size of Joe Biden's infrastructure bill might have had more to do with squeezing climate change initiatives out of the thing than the dollar cost.

Well, well, well, whaddya know...



Anonymous said...

I just cannot wrap my head around the apparent power and attention this guy wields along with the other hold out from Arizona. Media wise we hear about Kamala Harris birthday but very little beyond that, daily, it's nothing but Manchin. He may as well take over for Biden. BC Waterboy

e.a.f. said...

he's not a moderate or a democrat or a decent human being. he's a tool for the coal industry and republicans.

He makes money off of coal, he's part of the coal industry, as is his son.

He has obstructed Biden's agenda all along. With party members like him, they might as well have a republican in that seat. At least Liz Cheney wants to protect a few things in the U.S.A.

Of course we Canadians don't have much to talk about regarding coal. Kenny has leased out a great swath of land to coal companies in the foot hills of the Rockies. A number of C & W wingers have re issued a song about 'their praires'.

Some times I do wonder if these politicians do it for free or some one is paying them. Given they don't seem to understand coal is bad for the environment and humans and other animals, they may be a tad on the stupid side so who knows perhaps they do it for free. Some times I hope they're doing it for the money, at least they might be bought to switch sides.

Lulymay said...

I was just reading an interesting article re the saga of Trump's hotel in Washington in a fall 2020 print of Mother Jones which happens to mention that while the Republicans all stayed there when in DC, only one Democrat stayed there: you guessed it! Joe Manchin.

RossK said...


With 'friends' like those, who needs enemies - regardless whether there is an'R' or 'D' next to their name(s).


e.a.f. said...

Thank you for that bit of information Lulymay

made me laugh.