Saturday, October 23, 2021

The Will Of The Graph Paper Putin People.


When statisticians/researchers Dmitry Kobak and Sergey Shpilkin aggregated all the Russian voting patterns for the last twenty years and plotted turnout vs. percentage support for Mr. Putin and friends at each polling station, a funny thing happened during the graph making.

Which is that when support for the Putinista's is highest (i.e. top right quadrant of the graph) the cloud disappears and discrete patterns of support emerge that cluster around the zeroes and fives, almost as if arbitrary data entries had occurred over and over and over again.

Imagine that!

Tip 'O The Toque to the fine folks from FlowingData...



NVG said...

Going back 40 years, correction, 43 year, I was a Union Pension Plan Trustee. Our Auditor, the late Byron Straight, said anyone who presents a report where they've rounded the number to be either a zero or a five is GUESSING. Its all bullshit.

Try it. Look at any reports, especially those done by the politicians eg. Russia ...... or Trudeau or ....

RossK said...


I could go with 'guessing' if you could see the gridlines in every quadrant of the graph.

However, given that they only appear in the upper right quadrant I think the term willful 'fixing' is likely more the more appropriate term.


NVG said...

Let's stick to 1.9 eh

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Gordie said...

I don't see the cloud disappearing but 1⁰0% turnout and 100% of the people voting for one person is highly suspect.

e.a.f. said...

Perhaps they just like to round things off or some such thing. When arranging statistics for political purposes sometimes people get lazy and they get less than creative.

Having worked for the federal government back in the day, there were those who said statistics could be made to say anything you wanted and they knew. they were charged with putting out statistical reports. Its why I never believe unemployment rates. The government didn't count those who were no longer on U.I./E.I. and those who were unemployed for over a year. Now its an accepted practise, but back in the day it was great optics and it cut down on how many people could qualify for U.I. and for how long. If that is what we were doing one can not expect Putin and his to do any less. Also Putin's ego would not allow anyone to say anything less than he is great and everyone votes for him. One of these days Putin is going to get old and not be able to keep control of all of it. Wonder what he is going to do then. He does not appear to have an heir. Perhaps one of his friends will simply shot him and we'll have another Russian revolution.