Wednesday, December 24, 2014

How Good Can A Dreary Sunday Morning In December Be?


This is such a strange time of year.

So full of promise, and yet...

There is the darkness and the greyness and the wetness and all that work that has to be done before the break begins that also lends the season that slight air of dread.

All of which the Whackadoodle and I did our best to ignore as we rushed out of the house early last Sunday and took off for Sea Island, swinging right in front of the Airport's north runway and driving fast past the new postal prison-like processing complex (that would likely even make Bukowski blanch) that lines the southern edge of the near the distal tip of the big muddy's upper arm.

And after we got out of the car, because of the season's high tides and the winter-formed mini-lagoons, it took us awhile before we could get down to the ocean's edge.

But when we did, well...

The sand was curved and clean, the sky glinted as the fog lifted a little, and two bald eagles sat atop the latticework of Seaspan's 'Cape Flattery' log barge.

Or, to put it another way...

Suddenly, and for just a moment or two, everything seemed so open to possibility that even the thought of all those raw logs and thousands of jobs sailing away couldn't get me down as the Whackadoodle ran as fast as she could towards the tideline and started sliding, rolling onto her back with legs in the air kicking in ecstasy.

Which is when I started to play our old beat-up beach guitar.

Or, to put it more correctly, our old weathered guitar that was once C's first and only.

Strumming Kris Kristofferson's finest, and saddest, somehow never felt so good.

It's not like I didn't know this tune before, but....Bigger E. brought it to me awhile back...Despite our best intentions we have yet to do it on the busking road....But I know, for certain, that one of these days we will.



Hugh said...

Sewer Beach, a great place.

RossK said...

Yup - most definitely...Especially when you walk North away from the outfall breakwater.


Anonymous said...

I love this song. It generates emotion that cut to the heart. Thanks for bringing it to us again.

RossK said...


You're most welcome.

It really is a really, really, really great song.

Roseanne Cash was on Maron not long ago and talked about how Kristofferson always doubted his songwriting and, especially, his live performances. It's pretty much unfathomable to me.


scotty on denman said...

Yes! One of my faves too! Perfect song for this Monday morning going up---the days are getting longer and already I can feel it. Hope you and yours are enjoying the holiday season. Thanx for the tune.


karen said...

This song is from the soundtrack of my childhood. I like your version as much as Kris'. Thanks

RossK said...


We're on our way to summer!

Today, Tuesday the 23rd, is the day that the two E's and me spend the entire day wandering around town buying stuff and drinking hot chocolate...Even the rain won't dampen our spirits!

Hope all is well well with you and yours!



As usual, you are much, much too kind.

Have you read that bit from KK about what he wants on his tombstone?

It's the opening lines from Cohen's 'Bird On A Wire':

...Like a bird on a wire

Like a drunk in a midnight choir

I have tried in my way to be free...


New tune to try, me thinks.

Have a great holiday seasonal!


And for the record (and my grade two teacher Mrs. Griffiths), the grammatical error above was committed on purpose)


Anonymous said...

I just listened to Johnny Cash sing this song and it is great as well.