Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Keef Report...Downshifting The Power Principle Overdrive.


Overdrive....Monday...All Power, And Damn The Principle Torpedos.

Downshifted....Tuesday...All Power, And Principles Too!


Cake having.


Eating it.


It would appear that it is now a wonderful new super-Green world that we live in.

And when the new central Lotuslandian school board goes all in for oily propwash dollars in classrooms (because that's what every child needs and deserves according to the NPA and the super-fine Vancouver Sun)?

Well, I for one, look forward to hearing how it's all good (and all green, of course) because the propwash's plastic banners are 100% biodegradable.

Or some such thing.

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Anonymous said...



karen said...

Gah. I am all for these bastards getting what they are working toward (environmental collapse and human extinction) except for the fact that the rest of us, not to mention the bears and the moose and the marmots will have to suffer it too.
Can't we just send them to Mercury?

James King, Victoria said...

Actually, it seems some of her fellow Green Party members probably don't share Keef's enthusiasm for Ms Fraser's backing of the NPA - if the G&M is any indication.

Like that other prominent elected Greenie in the Legislature, Ms Fraser seems to have forgotten what her "public service" is all about>

Bill said...

BC LNG Mix and match?

Baldrey, Good and Palmer - Liquified Natural gaffs / (graffiti), Liquified Natural gall and Liquified Natural graft.

Lew said...

I doubt Keef had even heard of Janet Fraser before the election, and thus had and still has no understanding of her principles. Nor yet do I; that might come through observation of her actions, since principles reflect values that guide ones conduct.

One of her first required actions was to vote for who would chair the board. She voted for the NPA candidate who just squeaked in to the last spot on the board by 255 votes over a Vision candidate, and against the Vision candidate who by far received the most votes of any other candidate. Vision candidates took four of the top five spots, and had over 25,000 more votes on aggregate of those elected to the board than the NPA.

I have no idea what principle she would hold that would cause her to vote against the apparent wishes of the electorate, but Keef believes it properly includes wounding her political opponents and gaining big publicity for her party.

I wonder if she agrees with his assessment?