Friday, December 12, 2014

This Day In Clarkland....Hey Rubes!


Ms. Clark goes and speaks to the big boys from New York New York (i.e. Bloomberg News) and tells them that the roulette wheel for the trillion dollar sparkle pony game has been repainted, once again:

...“Our goal is to be the second-largest exporter of LNG in the world,” Clark said. Australia is set to overtake Qatar as the biggest LNG exporter. “We are where we want to be.”

Petronas, as the Malaysian state-owned producer is known, earlier this month followed BG Group Plc in pushing back a decision on LNG plans in British Columbia as oil trades at five-year lows. Delays in Canada contrast with projects in the U.S. and Australia that are already under construction.

Clark said she’s confident three terminals will be built by 2020 among at least five over the long term as she seeks to eliminate the province’s debt with revenues from the nascent industry...

At the same time Ms. Clark blithely tells the fine folks from Bloomberg that the Site C dam is now going to cost $8.5 billion, up $600 million from what she and hers have been telling the rubes back home.

Meanwhile, back in Rubesville, the VSun's Vaughn Palmer sits by the super-secret, all-access Dean-phone for the old turdstormer to call him up and tell him what the actual cost might, or might not, be:

...Not long after the (confirmatory) statement from Hydro, (Bill) Bennett called me to provide a bit more detail as well...

{snippety doo dah}

...The $8.5 billion is not the final number?

“We don’t have a top estimate.”

Could be closer to $9 billion?

“I’m not going to speculate.”...


That sure is solid information based on hard-charging investigative journalism that we, the citizen rubes, can really use.

From the 'Dean' of our local Legislative Press Gallery.

Now do you understand why Ms. Clark and her band of Merry Pranksters, Quick Winners and Sparkle Pony Screamers are held to account for all the things they do and say every day?




Anonymous said...

lets ask
Moodys or Fitch on BC debt rating drop after an 11 billion dollar plus site C and a 3 billion plus dollar tunnel bridge.

Is SNC involved in projects?

Dont listen to politicians

Anonymous said...

If we don't need the USA as Christy & team indicated not long ago...then why the need to spend tax dollars for a trip to New York ?
Is Christmas coming soon and prices are cheaper at Macy's ?

From another article: " But that’s what’s happening in British Columbia in the Liberal government’s LNG fantasy.

If they were the NDP, they would be laughed out of office. "

Guy in Victoria

Lew said...

BC Hydro says, “We can confirm that $8.5 billion is within the range of the revised cost estimate.”

Bennett says, “We don’t have a top estimate.”

A range is the space between limits. Without a top limit, you don’t have a range; you have infinity.

This appears to be borne out by another Bennett quote: “I was delegated to work with ministry of finance and BC Hydro to develop a cost estimate that would have greater contingencies and unforeseen costs.”

The Minister of Energy and Mines should be responsible for his own ministry, and should show up before cabinet with an accurate estimate of what this project will cost. But he was “delegated” to go back and increase the estimate. This implies that cabinet or the premier felt that for some reason his initial work was defective. Why is he still the minister?

What information did cabinet or the premier have that would justify deliberately developing “greater contingencies and unforeseen costs”?

I also wonder why Mr. Bennett thinks there’s a difference between contingencies and unforeseen costs.

Norm Farrell said...

In mid October, I heard Bill Bennett spend almost 20 minutes explaining how Site C was needed for "electric cars, the things that we tape our favourite television shows with, our phones, our iPads, our laptops, etc."

He said the $7.9 billion Site C budget was "a reliable number" because Hydro had brought in "a sufficient number and quality of experts" to assess the costs.

Mere weeks later, October's reliable number has increased $600 million. This week, he claims to speak truth. In October, it was a different truth.

The Liberal track record on every major project is one of either incompetence or deception, or both. The latter is the more likely.

Lew said...

Can anyone imagine the board of a private corporation telling the CEO of one of its divisions that they like his project, but would really like him to go back and see if he can find an estimated $600 million in previously unforeseen costs?

If he did, and reported back as directed (sorry - delegated), it would be a sure sign that he had no idea of what he was doing in the first instance, and the prudent course of action would be to fire him and reevaluate the project.

If they didn’t, the shareholders should fire the board.

Anonymous said...

Open your eyes
there is an energy glut/price crash going on

Its like BC Liberals are having a party on the titanic,with taxpayer dollars.
site c referendum vote please.
Whats the rush lobbyists?

Anonymous said...

e.a.f. said...

so why is Christy in new York? looking for another loan to keep the "S.S. Christy" afloat?

Where do these idiots think this money is going to come from. Some of those people in New York aren't stupid. Of course they might consider the loan so when B.C. goes bust they can't "repose" the province. That ought to be cute. The towed the province away, we could make the payments. Can any one say Detroit North.