Monday, December 08, 2014

On Conflictiness...The Vancouver Sun's Editor Doubles Down.


In case you missed it, the Vancouver Sun's editorial page has a wee bit of a problem as detailed recently by the Vancouver Courier's Allen Garr:

...On Nov. 12, three days before the municipal election, the Vancouver Sun ran an editorial attacking the Vision-dominated school board and chair Patti Bacchus for their refusal to accept money from the “Chevron Fuel Your School program.”

The funding had been turned down and was reported on months earlier. But it was resurrected as an issue by NPA mayoral candidate Kirk

LaPointe and picked up again by the Sun’s editors. The editorial sub heading read: “Ideologically-driven decision deprived students of learning resources.”...

{snippety doo-dah}

...This is a small town when it comes to politics and media. Even though editorials are anonymous and considered the “paper’s view,” when this broadside was delivered on the eve of a tightly fought election, one of the first questions raised was: Who penned that particular editorial?

Munro confirmed it was Sun editorial pages editor Harvey Enchin. And, as most people in the media business know, Enchin’s partner is Ann Gibbon. Gibbon was working during the election as communications director for Kirk LaPointe and the NPA...

All of which, just on its face, re: the connection, is pretty bad.

And, in my opinion, there is all kinds of stuff in the editorial itself that is even worse.

But the following just might be worst, especially given the fact that the actual decision not to take Chevron's prop-washed dollars was NOT, apparently, actually made by the, you know, Patti Bacchus-chaired school board at the time:


Who is the good Mr. Munro, exactly?

Why he is none other than the actual....

Wait for it...

Editor-in-chief, and former Alaska cruise participant, of the Vancouver Sun.

You want all seven things that it can be strongly argued were really, really, really wrong with the VSun edit under consideration?...The Exile has them...In spades.



North Van's Grumps said...

harold munro profile: Editor of The Vancouver Sun, proud Surrey resident, lover of constructive conversation and political junkie. Go Hawks!

Editorial Declaration of Interference not seen Junkie defined: a drug addict, abuser, druggie, stoner, -freak, -head, "a heroin junkie"

a person with a compulsive habit or obsessive dependency on something.

Eg, Outright liar

If the Rolling Stone mag is willing to cave in on their Rape charges against Virgina U, what can Munro do to repent, from his digs in Surrey

North Van's Grumps said...

Forgot to mention the non-partisanship of Vancouver Sun parent company PostMedia Network contributions to the BC Liberal Party. $10,000 in the 2013 provincial election.

Dana said...

The Sun is a rag not fir for fish guts. Ditto The Province.

The majority of the people of Vancouver mostly put up with these two shit wipe papers.

Thus the majority of the people of Vancouver are_____________.

Anonymous said...

pulp non fiction?

Anonymous said...

didnt sun editor just go to work for BC?

Anonymous said...

"I’m naive and don’t really understand how newspapers work."
- The Exile …of ennui

Anonymous said...

Chevron Fuel Your School program was a pure marketing scheme.

Look at that title again, then think about this: "Chevron would direct to the VSB $1 for every 30 litres of gas bought at local Chevron stations" - Pete McMartin, Vancouver Sun

Read more (part 1):
part 2 & part 3

North Van's Grumps said...

Anonymous 7:51 Your quote on $1 for every 30 litres was changed, corrected, by Pete McMartin in a subsequent Chapter to "$1 for 30 litres or more".

In other words McMartin's small car of a Fit gas tank would generate $1, whereas a motor vehicle with a gas tank capacity of 60 litres would still generate a $1, not $2. Misleading advertising by Chevron.

Chevron Cheap Skate Offer only good from November 1 to 30, 2014!!!

North Van's Grumps said...

Simplified math: The Chevron offer is UP to $565,000 which would require 565,000 motor vehicle participation.
Does anyone think that Chevron would take out a full page advertisement in every newspaper to say THANK YOU we've reach our quota for Fuel your School program, so stop buying from us?
Or would Chevron just keep skimming the cream and drinking the rest?

Anonymous said...

our corprate tax and royalty rates must be too low to have to have corperate donations.

North Van's Grumps said...

the missing link to Allen Garr?

Vancouver Courier's Allen GarrOpinion: Vancouver Sun schooled by teacher

Enchin’s assumptions about the content of the education at Churchill and, one would be inclined to conclude what was being delivered in Francois Clark’s classroom, is pure speculation, second-hand at best.

Enchin admits he never saw let alone read the BCTF material. He never spoke with the teacher. “I don’t know,” he told me, “if he teaches anything out of the ordinary.”

It turns out the poster wasn’t even in Clark’s room. It was in the hallway.

Anonymous said...

meanwhile over at the P3 dept