Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Credibility Gap Between Idiot Bloggers And A Certain Established ProMedia News Outlet.


This morning, after reading a report from the incomparable Bob Mackin, I too pulled a quote from the 'Reviewer's Message' portion of the just-released report titled, 'Investigatory Process Review...2012 Investigation into Employee Conduct Into The Ministry of Health'.

I posted the pulled quote because I concluded, as did Mr. Mackin I can only presume, that it most fully demonstrated what the report did NOT do:

Here is that pulled quote, in full:

...This report is not intended to, and does not, answer questions regarding the specific allegations against the employees. Nor does it answer any lingering questions regarding whether any decision made about the employees was legally or factually sound. This report focuses exclusively on the process leading to the decision making...


Global News, in their own report on the release, also pulled a quote from very same portion of reviewer Marcia McNeil's 'message'.

Here is the quote, in full, that they pulled and published on their website. It ran under the TeeVee version of the report from Global's very, very fine legislative reporter, Mr. Keith Baldrey:

...McNeil said her report “is not intended to, and does not, answer questions regarding specific allegations against the employees.”...

Do you see what Global did there?


To be more precise, what they did NOT do?

Established credibility my left foot.



North Van's Grumps said...

and what the GCPE saw:

is intended to, and does, answer questions regarding specific allegations against the employees.”...

Unknown said...

The more I delve into this disgusting debacle,the angrier I become. The first thing that annoys me is the memo that former government employee and lawyer Alana James wrote after being told by one of her supervisors to ignore the fact that breaches of policy were occurring, that this is the way government operates and basically do what she was told or face dismissal. This attitude towards ignoring the rules to suit government's wishes has occurred before, such as in overturning teachers' collective agreements, Boss Power, etc. Now someone has targeted seven researchers for alleged misconduct. This despite the fact that anything they may have been accused of doing has apparently has received the approval of their supervisors. An investigation is launched. Two pretend investigators are named. Many meetings are held, where due to a critical shortage of ink and paper, and with an inordinate respect for the environment, no notes are taken. The team swells to four. The mandate is broadened to include employee misconduct with the possibility of dismissals. Policy now kicks in which states that when an investigation that results in dismissal is contemplated, a senior investigator with previous experience must be assigned. Not in Liberaland. Instead these four stooges browbeat their victims for up to four hours. Each in turn asking questions sometimes at the same time, and before an earlier question has been properly answered. Rod MacIsaac undergoes obvious medical distress during his ordeal. This tag team has such great success that three lawsuits have already been settled and I don't expect that any others will see the inside of a courtroom. I've conducted a few investigations and have these observations to ensure a more successful conclusion: nothing can replace experience, it's really important to write shit down (exception: when the content of your discussion could bite you), no more than two on an interrogation team, and, perhaps surprisingly, you get more co-operation when you appear to be non-judgmental and non-threatening. This latest chapter in BC Liberal history speaks volumes to the depths of sheer arrogance and breathtaking stupidity their members have reached.

Grant G said...

What Global BC news did...They posted the quote in a way that suggests these health workers are guilty of something rather than the opposite..

Which is the employer is guilty of heavy-handed vindictiveness..

We know why they were fired, why is it not said..

Christy Clark was portraying herself as the champion to get smokers to quit smoking..

Champix, a smoking cessation drug was being promoted as a tool to help smokers quit..

These health researchers were wanting to warn Government of the bad side0effects of this smoking cessation drug..

The order to fire these researchers came from Christy Clark..

No investigation, no questions, no answers, just a lightning bolt quick firing..

It was a message from Christy Clark to all employees..

Mess with me and my Government and feel the wrath..

Shoot one monkey to scare a thousand..

There is no bringing back the researcher that committed suicide..

Christy Clark and her Government will have to live with that haunting image, their actions killed a man..

Christy Clark didn`t and won`t lose one minute of sleep over it.


Anonymous said...

Spends more time overseas than in bc sitting.
India to hide from bad pr?
Immunity at the top the perfect BC crime.

Anonymous said...

Government would NEVER have reinstated/settled with the fired employees unless the fired employees had had very, very strong cases that government was in the wrong. Government has the deep pockets to keep the legal fight going.

Also, Margaret McDermid has been the Minister of Health for one day. The Cabinet shuffle was Sept 5,2012. Her public announcement to the media about firing/suspending seven health staff was Sept 6, 2012.


e.a.f. said...

ah good old Keith, the p.r. person for the lieberal government. he can always be counted on to give the government's spin on "news". They really ought to stop being considered a "news" organization, more like a p.r. branch of the b.c. lieberal party. sort of like harper & his cons and their p.r. machine. must have all gone to the same school, of not reporting.