Sunday, December 14, 2014

This Weekend In Clarkland...Pranksters Fuel Government Prop-Machine With Coal.

It's a joke.



Maybe not.

Here is a quote from the Ol' Turdstormer himself, taken straight from the prop-machine post imaged above:

Minister of Energy and Mines Bill Bennett:

“Most people don’t think of coal when they go shopping for gifts, but the fact is without the coal that is mined right here in British Columbia, we wouldn’t have access to things like smartphones, cars or even shopping malls."


I guess when LNG Sparkle Ponies propaganda projects go off the rails these fine folks have to find something to do.

Or some such thing.



Unknown said...

I'm confused. As a child, whenever I was behaving badly, I was threatened that if I continued to misbehave I would be the recipient of naught but a lump of coal in my stocking on Christmas morn. My parents did not specify whether the coal was metallurgical in nature or not so, according to Bill, I could have carried on with my naughty behaviour with a clear conscience. According to our neighbours down south, who have been mining both good and bad coal for a long time, there are significant downsides to its production, which the Turdsturmeister appears to have overlooked.

Anonymous said...

in BC coal is called undeveloped diamonds

North Van's Grumps said...

If you're thinking of using British Columbia metallurgical coal to power your steam engine passenger car.. BEWARE Spat upon Bill Bennett sale's pitch because it's blatantly false, and misleading on capabilities of "Upwards of 90%....":

Ministry of Energy and Mines and Responsible for Core Review : Between 70-90 per cent of coal produced in B.C. is metallurgical coal, which is used to make steel. The province also produces thermal coal, which is burned for heat to generate electricity and for other industrial uses.

Maybe old Kootenay Bill has mixed his Thermal in with Metallurgical coals which raises it to Upwards but your steam engine will rust out in two years time.

North Van's Grumps said...

Version ONE of just how beneficial coal exports are to British Columbia measured in Billions of Dollars

Vancouver Sun: Gordon Hoekstra, Vancouver Sun, July 28, 2013

India wants to buy a bigger chunk of B.C.’s vast metallurgical coal reserves to feed its growing steel industry, a potential boost to the province’s No. 1 export business, worth $5.7 billion a year

Version TWO must have been a REAL bad year .... having to count in Millions

BC Chamber of Commerce

British Columbians benefit greatly through our coal production. In 2011, net revenues from coal mining totaled $5.186 million

If all that we are getting is "Upwards" of $5 million, I say we should just leave it there and have TFW refine it here.

Anonymous said...

wtf revenues of 5 million on 5 billion dollars
one tenth 1/10 of one percent!!!

e.a.f. said...

now that the LNG isn't going to pan out they have to say something. they have to try to tell the public there is someway to pay for all those debts they ran up. if there is no LNG, lets try the coal band wagon.

They will keep trying to bamboozle the public and some of the public will buy into it. Of course there is such a thing as people not wanting a coal mine in their back yards. Poor Bill he needs to shut up and retire. No one is buy his and Christy, coal shit.

Anonymous said...

goes in coal ,comes out diamonds.

RossK said...

The bizarre thing is that, the way things work in these outfits, you just know that somebody up the chain actually had to approve this.


Anonymous said...

RossK I would have preferred to have you say DOWN the chain, they haven't worn their brains out yet like Minister Bill Bennett

Norm Farrell said...

No doubt, Bennett yearns for days when industrialists could do whatever they wished, wherever they wished. Unfortunately for the rest of us, his government is moving back toward those times.

CTV's W5 offered a reminder of "good old days." Sydney tar ponds

“…A 1956 film for the Dominion Steel Company, the-then owner of the mill trumpets: ‘Steel is indispensable to the modern age.’ The scenes of workers working around giant crucibles filled with molten iron, smoke belching into the air, flames licking from the ground, invoke comparisons with Dante’s inferno, a hell on earth.
“In one corner of the industrial site were the coke ovens, where coal was literally cooked to remove unwanted chemicals and impurities – chemicals like tar, benzene and sulphur…“But they also oozed onto the ground and as runoff into nearby Muggah Creek. Over time this toxic sludge built up in the Sydney Tar Ponds …a deep, wide toxic soup.

“…former neighbours whose homes on Frederick Street had abutted the site. For decades they have been fighting for compensation for serious illnesses they claim were caused by the toxic chemicals next door and which seeped onto their properties and into their homes…”

Anonymous said...

How many BC pro media turn out for non business political events.?

possibly this picture.?

RossK said...


Maybe we're supposed to feel good about being bad (when we voted them into office)..



Re:The Diamond Thing...Coming to a press release near us soon?



As you and Norm Farrell have pointed out repeatedly, the natural resource revenue rebates/deferrals/give aways by this government have been enormous which is the story people like Ron Obvious should actually be telling us rather than the codswallop that we have hold our noses on this stuff because they are paying for all our roads, schools and hospitals.



Absolutely....Channel changing is their real game...Heckfire...The way I'm seeing this thing blow-up all over the interwebz, I really wouldn't be surprised if it is intentionally diversionary (away from the real issues of LNG and Site C).



Good point about the 'Down Chain' thing.



Good old days, indeed...Thanks for the important historical reminder




That Mickleburgh story was priceless...Remember the days when every major media outlet had a labour reporter....Now?....Not so much...Gosh. I wonder why that is?



Hugh said...

The "Carbon-Neutral" BC Government's plan is still to get China to replace coal with BC LNG, though. Both emit CO2 when burned anyhow.