Thursday, December 04, 2014

This Day In Snookland...Government By Talk Show.


You may have heard that our fine Premier, and noted late night red light runner, Ms. Christy Clark, saw a PR opening a few days ago when she said the following to Mike Smyth of The Province:

...“Teaching your kids that it’s OK for them to break the law when they’re 11 years old isn’t OK,” Clark said. “I don’t think it’s OK for parents to support that for their own children.”...
But here's the thing.

The Dad of one of the kids has fired back and has demonstrated that his kid did this out of principle and only after she had been involved, for weeks, in her own demonstrations in front of her own house.

...“My first reaction was ‘no,’” he (the Dad) said.

But the feisty Grade 6 pupil, who’d been protesting Kinder Morgan’s planned oil-pipeline expansion near her house for weeks, wouldn’t let it go. The kid is whip-smart and challenged her parents about the urgent threat posed by climate change to her personal future.

“Kate made her case over and over,” (t)he dad said.

“We finally relented because we believed — and still do — that her outrage was justified and not letting her cross would be sending the wrong message.”...

All of which brings into sharp relief the difference between parents who do things together with their kids (the child crossed the line on Burnaby Mountain together with her Mom) because they have looked hard at a situation and have decided to take a big step to do something that they think is truly right and just doing something on a lark with your kid (and a reporter who is now working for the flack-hackery) in the middle of the night that could get somebody killed.

Which one is something you would want a Premier to do?

Bizarrely enough, Ms. Clark's office told Mr. Smyth that her statements had received 'wide public support'...Gosh...Does that include Twittmachine Trolls, PAB-Bots and those finest of the fine folks with 'media contracts'?
And just in case you missed it,  Laila had a definitive post up on the hypocrisy of our most excellent Premier a couple of days ago....Here.



ron wilton said...

One must wonder who or what her 'real' message was, if any, or was she just shooting from the lip as is her usual wont and the main reason her 'handlers' keep her cloistered.

Anonymous said...

Ditzy Christy's message is as dumb as usual. She doesn't even get her own messages. Running a red light with her own young son, says what to Christy? And, says what to the rest of us?

Anonymous said...

dont you mean infomercial?

RossK said...


Good point....

Paid promotional programming.


Anonymous said...

Yeah a P3

RossK said...