Tuesday, December 09, 2014

The Keef Report...Power Principle Overdrive.


You read that right.

The good Mr. Baldrey most certainly does appear to be saying that, when faced with a decision between power (for, apparently, power's sake as evidenced by the example being cited) and principle that political parties should.....


You know.

And if the puffed-up pro-punditry of Lotulsand and outer environs were to call out such acts of political expediency for what they truly are...Would we be better or worse off as a citizenry?
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Anonymous said...


Is not Linked there

RossK said...


Vagaries of disintegrating blogger platform.


Lew said...

It’s strange that Global Legislative Bureau Chief (aka Twitmaster Keef) hasn’t been providing Global viewers with specific examples of the unprincipled quest for power strategy employed by the BC Liberals. His tweets imply an intimate knowledge of the subject, including the names of the practitioners, and his Global job implies a duty to accurately report political strategy. So it’s curious he hasn’t shared it on air.

Given the circumstances, it’s fair to ask whether it’s because Global muzzles him on air but not on Twitter. Or whether it’s because he’s prone to bouts of self-interest muzzling disease. There’s a cure for the former; but not the latter.

Anonymous said...

Comment of the year nominee ..Lew


Dana said...

Baldrey's a sociopathic narcissist whose true calling is public wet wanker.

Which makes him a perfect fit for The Vancouver Sun.

RossK said...

Editorial muzzling at the TeeVee station?

Somehow I figure there is no Lou Grantish type figure there to remind Ted....errrrr...Keef that he is a 'newsman'.


Lew said...

RossK, you're right about the lack of a “Lou Grantish” type, but somebody also got to Jas Johal about two years ago, and the only fire in his belly became fueled by corporate energy. It was sad to watch.

Somebody at Global is reminding these guys (and dolls) that their job there depends on NOT being a newsman.

RossK said...

Excellent point Lew.